How to get Mobile Full Information New Trick 2021

Who is going to buy a new mobile? Second hand mobile phone in a shop, which one of your friends will be buying from their relative? There is definitely no question or if there is anything wrong in the mobile somewhere, we have shopkeeper old mobile too much by saying mobile phone It is right in us, it is true of friends that many times it is happening that the shopkeeper sends the old mobile phone in the new box and still sends it to the shopkeeper who has sent us a text-changed Defective mobile phone. About the center of the service center, tip top 10 20000, buy a phone up to 50 years old and get old phones from above, I am going to tell you the way so that you can easily find out the phone that you are buying. What is the model, how old is it, how many days have it been, and all the things you will know in this video are very worrying and very good way that you can avoid the loss of thousands.

How can I get mobile number details online?

And if you do a small test, then you will know easily how old this mobile is or whether it is getting your new mobile or not, then let’s go ahead in the video and you I take it to my mobile screen and show it to you with a like proof, then friends, here, let me tell you first of all that here you will need a small application to find it all. You have to take the application first in your mobile, with the help of the same application, you will be able to find out how old the mobile is, which model it is or is it correct, then everything will be known to you guys, let us first tell you That this application will tell you how to stay in mobile, after that, how to use it.

How can I get mobile details?

So friends, first of all, you have to open Google Play Store to take this application in your mobile phone, as you all know that we have to take the help of Google Play Store to take any application in our mobile phone. Friends, here you have to first open the Google Play Store, and as soon as you open the Google Play Store, you understand a lot of applications there. You have to take help, you have to open the search bar first and there will be the name of the application from you, then the name of this application is know mobile yes friends, so you have to search what you have as you and mobile If you search the list, the application will come in front of you, Abdul, you are wondering how you will recognize this application, friends, this application will have KYW written on it so that you can recognize that it is your application here

How can I check my mobile history?

Friends, as soon as I get the application in front of you, then you have to take this application in your mobile phone first, now friends, as soon as you open this application in your mobile phone, then before explaining a lot of options here, a The MEI number goes into the option, meaning that you can easily find out about a mobile by entering the same number. The other option is that you get it, where you put that SIM card in that mobile phone. If you take the application, then even with the help of a sim card, you can also find out about that mobile, how old it is or whether there is no problem in that mobile, friends. It is said that without putting a SIM without entering this number, how can you find out if that mobile phone is old or not, then you do not have to do anything for it, just you do not know the option of the screener here. Friends, the QR code that is on the back of your mobile box has to be scanned.

If Abdul can return that barcode, then the EMI number of your mobile will automatically come in your application. After coming in the application, you can easily search what is the model of that mobile, how old is any part change. If it is not done or there is no defect, then you will know everything in this application in mobile, then happiness is very good and very good application, I have been using this application myself for a long time so that I know it Which mobile is original, which is a duplicate, it can be easily found in everything, with the help of this application, you too can now easily find out which mobile is a duplicate or which is an original and friends, I hope If you like this post, you will like this post, then like it, you will definitely share this post to all your friends and friends will comment and tell you how you liked this post and you can follow us to read similar technology posts.