Amazing video calling new trick update 2020

Friends, there will be none of us here who will not talk on video calls on mobile. We all talk on video calls with the help of some apps. So friends, in this post of today, I am going to tell you about such an interesting video call trick if you learn that trick. So you can very easily bring a video call of anyone on your mobile phone, now you must be wondering what I am saying, then friends may It wants to understand that the video call of whom you want will come on your mobile, within 2 seconds, you just have to apply this trick in your mobile.

Because friends happen to us so often, we are sitting with our friends and we have to show our friends. See that my friend is making a video call to me and seeing this, your friends will go to the chowk that friend is making a video call to it. And we are very good feeling our value too So, friends, let’s learn how to do all this in our mobiles.

How to apply this trick to mobile

Follow the steps:-

Step 01. So friends, to apply this trick to your mobile, you must first install an app in your mobile.

Step 02. First of all, to install the app, you have to open the PlayStore on your mobile.

Step 03. After opening the play store, you will have a search bar on the top of your mobile to open it.

Step 04. After opening the search bar, you have to write a video call prank, this is the name of the app you want to install on your mobile.

Step 05. You have to search by writing so much, after searching, if you try many apps in front of you, then you do not have to get confused.

Step 06. In this post, I have put a photo of that app so that you can easily know which angle you have to install the app.

Step 07. Once you confirm which app you want to install and then install it.

After installing the app: –

Friends, once this app is completely installed on your mobile, then you have to open this app in your mobile. As soon as you open this app on your mobile, this app you will be asked for some permission, then you have to allow all the permissions. After that you will get a start button at the bottom, then you have to click on start. As soon as you start Two options will come in front of you to put a photo and to put a video, then you have to put a photo of the one whose video call you want to come on your mobile and in the video, you can put any simple mobile screen recording video. After this, you have to click on apply. As soon as you apply, your profile will be created on your mobile, whose video calls you to want on your mobile. Now you have to select his profile And as soon as you select the profile, within 2 seconds, its video call will play on your mobile. Now you can easily show your friends that they are watching or making video calls to me. So, friends, I hope that you would have liked this post, if you have liked this post, then write this post and follow us.

Note: Friends, before installing this app on your mobile, keep in mind some things that you are installing the right app in your mobile and without reading this post, do not apply this trick in your mobile if you are without If you read this post well and without understanding it, then you will be responsible for this trick in your mobile. || Thanks ||