Best Funny WhatsApp Stickers Sending Trick 2021

So friends, in this video of today, I am going to tell you how you can add this type of funny stickers to your WhatsApp and how can you make a surprise by sending it to a friend or a family member in this application. You get stickers after reading one by one. From the pay dialog of Bollywood here to the dialog of the villagers here, you get all the stickers here. I myself use these stickers for a long time, I like them very much, so I thought that this is

You should tell this to the people, let’s go ahead in the video and explain to you the whole process of how you can pad these stickers on your WhatsApp and easily share these stickers in your friends and family. Fazle makes him go ahead in the video and explain the entire process to you in the video.

So the second is that you will be able to see my mobile screen here. If you run two hundred directly and open the application directly, like we will open that application here, then in this way your luck will be revealed to you. You can download this application by going to the link description of this application where the TV is. You can clearly see how many jewels you find here, you can see yourself here. I will not tell you here, can you see your stickers in mobile.

Then these stickers of Bollywood dialogues mix you together. At the same time, you get more fun stickers here and here, you get cartoon stickers and the most powerful stickers that I think you have. Here you have a dialogue of Bollywood villagers such as Gangs of Wasseypur’s dialogue or a lot of villains themselves. You get the dialogues of the film, which is quite interesting and very good application.

I myself have been using such publications for a long time, so I thought that I should tell you about this by making this fake video. Let us show you our best thing here. Here you can also find pay dialogues of Carrie Minority here, you can see that Carrie is an adulterated package and shown the dialog itself in Carrie, then you will know how to send the best way dialogues here if you send this sticker. If he wanted

Doing nothing is just you to back up to Octaq Wattsup and here one week the downloading was done and your WhatsApp opened. Now there is nothing else to do, just click on the add. As soon as the ad is clicked, the ad is done, open your WhatsApp, after opening WhatsApp, you can adopt any one of the chats, like I opened this chat, can you click on the icon of the emoji and here you can see that Gone are the stickers and you don’t have to do anything, just selecting this sticker will be easy.

By the way, it will be easy to select the sticker. The sticker will be selected and sanded. If you like this amazing application and amazing watts stickers 200 videos from the first taps, then you will like the video, this video of all your friends will be shared and if you like this channel

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