Best Language Translator Camera App for all Android Phone Users 2021

Friends, we all live in different places. They use different languages ​​and there will be many people who are watching these videos, they will live in another country, but friends, wherever we may be. We can never learn more than one or two or three languages ​​because it is very difficult to learn friends. It takes us at least two to three months to learn any language, but in this video of today, I have taken a way for you that no matter what the language is, you just have to do nothing.

From this mobile phone, you just have to take a picture of the language that is written and it will be transformed into your language. Friends, there are many such applications in which what happens, do you have to write and after that you have to change. But here again nothing like this is just a click you have to take a photo in your mobile phone and you can see the whole of you in your language or you can see it in Hindi if you want to see it in Hindi.

If you do not want to see English, you can see it in Hinglish. Now friends here, we are showing you a small clip in which you can see how easily I open the application in my mobile phone and I take a small photo in a news paper and the photo The entire translation came here in front of us while pulling. Meaning that the paper that was in Hindi now

And I used to know English, so I have done all the paper in English in just one click, let us take you to the mobile screen and tell you everything about how to take this operation mobile and How can you use this application?

So here you are the first one, you will be able to see our mobile phone on the screen here. First, I open that application. As soon as you open that application for the first time, you can see it here as soon as you open it. If the camera asks for some dispersion, then you have to allow. Now others can see the camera here and as I have written to you that I took a picture of that picture and its language changed easily. But here you have to select the language first

For example, if you click on the detail language, then the entire language will come in front of you, all the languages ​​of the country will come, all the languages ​​will come to you, you can convert them into whatever language you want, then I want to speak Hindi here. You can choose Hindi, you can see that in a very simple language, you can say Mane or have chosen Hindi, now you can see yourself below that Hindi is English. Now you don’t have to do anything, just notice any photo or any language explosions

And it will change easily in front of you. Shosal, I hope this video is not your choice for you people; in the Yogi description, the divine facilitation of sex is a very special and very good application. Once you keep this application in your mobile, then this application will always work for you. Friends, if you do not like this video, you have liked this method, then the yellow line will be given to the video and in the description

Devi can download this application by going there for such application. Thank you very much for watching the video.