Best Messaging Trick For All Android Phones 2018

Friends, if you message anyone in the world, they will not be able to see your phone number. Yes Friends, once again you are very welcome in the blog section of Technical Baba. My name is Nitya and friends, what happens very often that we want to message someone but we do not want our phone number at all. He could see it or could he ever know who had messaged him. So friends, let me tell you that fun way to all of you.

Follow these steps: –

1. So first you have to go to the home screen of your mobile and you have to open any browser. After opening the browser you have to open

2. After google opens, you have to type in the search bar Afreesms and search. After searching, you can see that a window has opened in front of you, by clicking on Afreesms, you have to go to their official website.

3. And on that you get an option called Free sms India, you have to click on it and go to this page.

4. And there you just have to enter the number you want to message and then you have to type your message in the box below it.

5. And then in the last thing you have to do the most important thing is that you have to enter a code which will be written there, you have to put that code in the box where you will be asked for verification, you send the code in the last send. The option is to click on it and your wart will go to him and he will not even know that he sent the massage Kun and said that.

6. And let me tell you, friends, that you should not use this website for wrongdoing, otherwise you will be responsible only and only you and this video and post were done for your information, that is why you misused this post. Do not.