Best mobile security trick for all android phone users

Friends, no one can touch your phone now, if someone touches your phone or tries to unlock it, then friends will be caught very easily. A cookie is how many times he has tried to unlock your phone, how many times he has entered the password, or how many minutes he has tried to open your mobile phone. No, friends, even the picture of that band will also be automatically saved in your phone. Yes, friends, you are once again very welcome to Technical Baba Friends, my name is Nitya, and today I have brought a mobile application for you, with the help of which you will be able to find out who has touched your phone in your absence. And any file that is saved in your mobile is trying to open it. So friends, let me tell you about the application.

1. So first we have to go to the home screen of mobile and click on PLAY STORE.

2. Now PLAY STORE has been opened in front of you and now you have to type in the search engine bar and enter the third eye.

3. Now that application has been opened in front of you, there is a very low MB application, there is only a 3.3 MB application, friends, now download and install it and then open it. Before downloading, here you can see that a total of 1 million people have downloaded this application. Friends, by watching its download,

you can guess how popular this application is. And let’s talk about ratings 4.4 The rating is its friends and below we get some of its interfaces, which is also very good looking. And if we talk about the comment then there are a lot of good comments.

4. So now we have to open it and after opening it you can see that we get the option to start. As soon as you click on start, you can see that this application has completely opened in front of you, now you can see that we get two options: GENERAL and PHOTOLOG Now you have to just close this application as soon as you open the cookie application. It starts the auto.

5. Now whenever someone opens your mobile, the mobile will automatically click its photo and save it on that application.