Best, Useful, Amazing Incoming Call Tricks 2021

Friends, we all have mobile phone pawns but friends many times it happens to us that our mobile phone is on charging or we are working our own important or and at the same time someone calls on our mobile phone. If you go today, this video is going to tell you a way that will tell you three tricks by which you can receive your call with your voice in the first place, meaning that if you say hello, your call will be automatically received.

After that I am going to tell that second trick, if you say yes, then your call will be received and the automatic speaker will be on and I am going to talk about the third trick. If you say no, then the call that is coming on your mobile phone will be cut, then these three very best tricks I am going to tell you in this video today, and before telling this trick, I would show you a demo of those Demo video that you can watch

That is how I have received the phone by calling on my own mobile and using my voice. Cut and receive how to speak on the speaker, so let us first show you the demo video. Hello, friends, you saw that my call got up as soon as I said hello.

Now I cut my call here and show you by calling again.

this. So I saw myself friends as soon as I said my call reached here and automatic became your speaker. Now I will cut your call and show you by calling again.

Loan. So friends saw myself as soon as I said 9 here, my phone was cut. So friends, you have seen how I used the voice to pick up the incoming call on my mobile phone and cut and picked up the speaker on the phone, so now the mobiles run away again and show you that this application How to take your mobile phone and how to do what settings in this application. After that, this application will work in your phone in this way.

To download two applications, I have given a link in the description, you can download from there, but it is also very important to understand it, so first of all you can see my mobile phone on the screen. You friends here, open the application to you first. As soon as I open that application with you, in what way will the application open in front of you for the first time. When you download. This application will open an application in your mobile phone in this way, after that

As soon as you click on start, you have to give some permission in this application, such as if you click on here, your mobile phone settings will open. Now, after giving you a spread where you spread it in 200, these are completing the poison. I am telling you all this so that there is no problem in using your application. And this application on your mobile

Work correctly in the phone. Many times, what happens if the application is not working properly, then people understand that the video is not right, but watch it carefully and they will see the things that I had to do. After that you have to click on it, now the other one is written in clear word or you can see in the top, first of all number set for answer on 200 set wards for which it means hello and the call is coming. If you say hello then your call is

And automatic will be received. On the second number, which is in Tire, if you give Noble, then it is your phone which will be automatically cut by your mobile phone beloved. On the third number, if the speaker says this then the call will be received on the speaker. If you choose these three options, that means you want to change, then you don’t have to do anything. All you have to do is click on the button with this mic and speak to your ward.

If you want to speak Russian, if asked, you can easily set that ward or onion and you do not have to do anything in this application. Very special and very good friends. I suggest that through this video, if you ever get to know about it, friends will like the video, then like the video, it will be shared with all your friends and will comment and tell the channel how to watch the video from the video. Thank you very much.