Bring back any old deleted photo or video now trick 2020

Friends, a lot of people have asked me this question so far, Sir, my mobile accidentally deleted the photo, then someone says that the video has been deleted from my mobile. So today I am writing this post for you because today I have brought a permanent solution for you. So, please read this post carefully today, because in this post today I will tell you how much of the old deleted photos or videos in my mobile Have to bring it back. No matter how old the deleted photo or deleted video is, whether it is 1 year old, 2 years old, or 5 or 10 years old, BS will return these photos and videos to your mobile in a minute. And not only this, friends, if any audio has been deleted from your mobile, then you can also bring it back.

So friends, let’s know how all this will happen

So friends, to do all this, you will need to install an app on your mobile, only then you can bring your old deleted photos or videos back to your mobile again. Now you must be thinking how can we do all this with the help of an app, then friends, let me tell you that this app is designed so that you can easily delete your Bring back photos and videos. So let’s know how to install this app on your mobile.


Follow these steps: –

Step 01. So friends, to install this app, you must first open the PlayStore on your mobile.

Step 02. After opening the play store, you get a search bar option at the top, then you will have to search.

Step 03. In the search bar, you have to type data recovery and then search.

Step 04. After searching, you will try many apps in the name of data recovery in front of you, so now you must be thinking that we have to install as an angle.

Step 05. So, friends, you do not have to be confused at all because I have put a photo of that app in this post so that you can easily know which is the right app.

Step 06. So friends, when you know once you are confirmed which app you want to install on your mobile, only then you install that app.

Step 07. Once you install this app, you have to open it, after opening, you will be asked for some permissions in this, then you have to allow everyone.

Step 08. After all, this app will be fully opened on your mobile.

After installing the app: –

Friends, once this app has been installed on your mobile, you have opened it, after that, you will get two options here, you will get an option of recovery which will be at the top and you will get the option of data recovery at the bottom, then you have to click on the above to mean recovery. After you will try all four options in front of you. 1. Photo 2. Video 3. Audio 4. Documents, whatever is deleted before your mobile, you have to select that option. Then select To select, just scanning will start in your mobile, then as soon as this scanning is complete, after that you can easily recover your deleted data back in the mobile.

Note:- Friends, before using this trick, you should take care of some things properly. Do not use this trick without reading the post completely or without fully understanding the trick, because it happens very often that you install the wrong app and then this trick does not work on your mobile. So take good care of this and without reading this post or without understanding the trick, if you apply this trick to your mobile, then you will be responsible for it. || Thanks ||