How can I check my phone problem?

Friends, we all use mobile phones, but very often we see something that comes in our mobile phones, like our mobile phone’s touch does not work or our mobile does not sound or if we talk on mobile somewhere. If you are not listening to the sound of such common problems, we keep going to our mobile phone for this, we go to a shopkeeper who makes a mobile phone, then we do not know what is the problem with the mobile phone. But they know what they are and they take more money from us, so in this post today, I have brought a way for you so that you can find out what is wrong with your mobile phone and when you It was found out that I do not have a mobile phone. If there is a problem, then you can find out the market rate of that thing and can easily exchange that thing in your mobile phone so that you will save a lot of money, then let us explain this method completely. I explain everything to you very well.

What is the problem in my mobile?

So friends for this, first of all, you have to take an application called Mobile Travel Shooting in your mobile phone which will test the entire hardware of your mobile, what kind of fault is there in your mobile, what is the thing that is working in your mobile phone. If you are not doing, then only what is there will be able to tell you what is wrong with your mobile phone, then how to do it, how to take that application in your mobile and how to do hardware testing, we will tell you everything in this post today and Not only friend but how is the battery of your mobile, everything that will tell you, then friends, first of all, tell us how to take some application in your mobile phone, then to take this application in your mobile friends, first of all you need to take it in your mobile Google Play Store has to be opened now friends what is Google Play Store

How do I check my phone health?

You all will know that we do not take any Android application in our mobile phone without the Google Play Store, there we have all the applications on Google side that we have to use, like friends. That you will open the Google Play store there, you have to open it 7 times first, then you will see a lot of applications there, but the application you want is for your mobile hardware test, then for that you need that application You have to search and in order to search your app, you must first open the search bar.

How do you find out which app is causing problems?

Now friends, as soon as you open the search bar in your mobile phone, then open the search bar, above I have to search you by writing a hardware test about which you are going to know in the application, friends, first of all you You have to search the application and as soon as you search, you will come across a lot of applications in the name of hardware test, then what you have to do is that the application you do not have to go to the first number, the application for which the download is good, which app rating Well, the application that has been liked the most, you have to take that application in your mobile phone. Now friends, as soon as you take the snake relation in your mobile phone, you have to open that application first.

How do I get my phone screen back to normal?

Now friends open this application, you will be asked for some permission through that application, then you have to first give all the permission to that application, whoever asks for the permission through this application will ask for the hardware testing of your mobile. Go and this with a basic permission that is demanded by all the applications, then you have to give permission to all of them here, only after that the application will be able to open in your mobile phone in a good way. If fully opened, here you will get a lot of tests, here you will be shown something wrong that will decide which part of your mobile phone is bad, then if you show the rate in your mobile phone, then you understand Go that this text is bad, if I will be shown green on your mobile, then you will know that this text on my mobile is bad, which will be shown to you already.

How can I solve my mobile screen problem?

Friends, you will get a hardware test option in the bottom, you have to select it, as soon as you hear that option then automatic hardware testing will start in your mobile phone, now friends, you have to wait here for a while as soon as your mobile This hardware testing will be done completely in the phone, then you will be shown a lot of colors, in which the color was shown in which you have to identify with this color that this thing is bad in my mobile phone, same way you are there. But a color will be shown, on seeing which color you have to understand that this part is bad on my mobile phone, then you will know that if this text is bad in my mobile phone, then you can easily change it.

So friends, I hope that now you have come to know that how can you find out in your mobile phone what is wrong with your mobile phone? Another very good thing is that we get to know ourselves that our mobile phone What is wrong and we can find it very easily with the help of an application, friends, if you liked this post, then if you liked this method, please like this post with all your friends. Will share it and if you have any kind of question in your mind related to this post, then you must tell us by commenting and friends, you can also follow us to read the posts related to the same technology, so much for giving your precious time -Thanks a lot.