How do I extend the battery life of my phone?

Friends, in this video today, I am going to tell you such a great trick of mobile battery that if your mobile battery is less than 20% then it will not run less than 4 days. Yes friends, you must be absolutely shocked to hear this, but here in the pay strip, I am going to show you a Kargil. Yes Friends, you are once again very welcome in the technical Bhavani’s You Tube channel, so I was not even confident before the name Nitya Asura Streak. But when I tried this, I was also convinced that yes man, less than 20 percent of the battery chromium can run for four days, so let me tell you that trick.

But before that, let me tell you one important thing, did Abdus bring you a video. Do you make the channel taxable, so clicking this button is not a waste of society as well as this hour. After that, as soon as you press this hour, the notification of our video will be passed on to you. In the bottom you have to make a comment and in the comment you just have to write the battery. If you have commented so much and here you can share 10 videos on WhatsApp by clicking this video share of WhatsApp to your 10 friends, then you who can take a gift from our channel, then you are doing so much work. Now how to download that application, I would show you a video search riot before I pinned it.

Friends, you can also see the battery of my phone here at 12%, also showing you that it is a whole battery at 12% in my phone. Now friends, I will show you how you can use this application here and run your battery for four days.

So here, as soon as Pradosh, you will open this application, Uber has to make you sit. As soon as you sit in front of you, then this application here is in front of you, after making your changes, to allow him to make changes Here you will get an option to optimize, now earn isle click. As you click on optimize, once optimization will happen here and after mashing on one, you will be shown 11% on it, you can see it. Showing you 11%

And here too is 11% like my battery. You friends here, you can see that life is three hours fifty minutes means that three hours at eight minutes now your battery will run. Now you have not created anything, just close this application and you will be able to use your phone comfortably. The 11% battery will last you 3 hours. Now friends, if these 20% daily, then your battery here would run a lot, then I liked this application of a very amazing trick and very good entry. So I thought we should make a video in it. Now friend, you did not lose anything to download the money application here. I have to click on that title and in such a case, you will click on your title, you will find links to it in the description, I show you. Here as soon as you click on the title, you get a link in the bottom. As soon as you click the link, you can also download it to your liking.

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