How do I record audio on WhatsApp?

Friends, all of you will be talking on the call and you will know how to record the call as well and friends, this feature is also given in our mobile phone, but a question has been asked by many people, which is whatsapp call now friends whatsapp call How can you record, in which post I am going to tell you today, Friends, it happens to us very often that who are we talking to on WhatsApp and we need to record his call, then we all know We would like all friends to talk on the call on WhatsApp sometime.

Can we record a WhatsApp call?

So in this post today, I am going to tell you how you can record your WhatsApp call, but friends, to use this trick in your mobile, first of all you have to take a small application in your mobile phone. As soon as you take this application, you have to make some settings in it, only then you will be able to record your WhatsApp call, then on this post, we are going to tell you everything, the post will have to be completed carefully, everything will be understood step by step.

Can we record WhatsApp video call with audio?

Now friends, first of all, you have to open the Google Play Store in your mobile to take this application in your mobile phone, as you all will know that to take any application in your mobile, we need Google Play Store. If you open the Google Play Store, then you will find a lot of applications there, you will also know that you have to search in the search bar above, the name of this application is the name of this application, WhatsApp Call Recording Direct for you If you search, the first number will also come in your mobile, now friends, as soon as the application comes in your mobile phone, as soon as you start seeing the number, you have to take all the creations in your mobile phone first.

How long can you record audio on WhatsApp?

Now friends, after taking this application in your mobile, you have to give some permission here, now you do not understand the setting of 200 permission carefully, everything is understood step by step, only then the application will work in your mobile, so here the first normal basic The permission that will be sought will be given to you, then you have to give all the basic permission, now friends, you will be asked for permission for accessibility. You will get the option of call recording, so it is very important to enable you from it, if you do not enable it, then there will be no recording in your mobile phone, then you must definitely turn it on. You have to do the settings that you have to do inside WhatsApp. Now, where you have to go to WhatsApp, after going to WhatsApp, you will get three dots on the side. Have to pay tax.

How do I know if my WhatsApp call is being recorded?

So as soon as you have done so much work, then after that you have to call from your first mobile to your second mobile and after making the call, you have to test here. Call recording is not being done in the phone or not, as well as here if you want to record the battery quality, the mean sound is not coming as good, then you can make your WhatsApp call on the speaker, after the speaker, the audio quality is very good. Very good sound quality will come in IS application and friends, I have recorded calls on WhatsApp, in this application I have liked many applications, so I thought that I should tell you about it too.

So friends, by using this application in this way, you can easily record any WhatsApp call. I hope you have liked this trick, you would have liked the application. If you liked this application then this post Like it, you will share it with all your friends and to read new posts related to the same technology or that related to our post, if someone has a problem then you can also tell us by commenting you can also read Will keep getting thanks for you