How do you make a slideshow of pictures and videos?

Friends, we all play photos in our mobile phones and after that we want to convert those photos into videos, that means we want to make a slideshow video of those photos, friends must have seen many of our videos that people make by adding photos. Friends, a lot of people asked me, Sir, how can we make a slideshow video through photos, so in this post today, I am going to tell you that how can you easily make a slideshow video by adding photos to it, friends? You will understand the post in a good way. Step by step, in this post today I am going to tell you everything.

How do I make a video slideshow with music?

You guys, who make slideshow videos by adding photos, they make it from 2nd date or they have this feature in their mobiles because friends nowadays a lot of new mobile phones are coming in which the option to edit already But if your mobile phone is a little old then you do not need to take tension because with the help of an app you can easily make a video from a slide by adding a photo taken in your mobile phone. We will tell you how to take that application in your mobile phone and after that how you can make slideshow videos of photos from us.

What is the best free Slideshow Maker?

So before telling about the friends application, I tell you about the mobile settings so that if this feature is already given in your mobile phone, then you can easily use this editing feature, then friends if your mobile This trick is already given in the phone or it is not given, if you want to know this, then you have to open the settings in your mobile phone. After you get a lot of options there, then you have to go to the mobile settings, after going to the mobile settings, you will get the display settings there, now friends in the display settings, you have to go to photos and select photos and click on edit. Hey friends, as soon as you edit, if there is an option of slide show video, it means that this feature is given in your mobile phone and by using it you can easily edit photos and convert it into video.

Friends, it has become a matter of mobile setting that if this setting is not given in your mobile phone, then this feature is not provided, then how can you do all this with the help of this application, friends, for this you will have to play As you know, we open any application to stay in our mobile store, now friends, what is there in the play store that you get a lot of applications there, then you will find it in the search bar above First of all, you have to search and you have to write the slideshow video with music which you will write, then the number application will come in front of you, the most special thing in this application from Abdul is that in this you can show photos So you can make music as well as you can add friends. First of all, you have to take this application in your mobile phone.

As soon as this application comes in your mobile phone to Abdul, then we gave you some permission in it, so if you take any application in mobile for the first time, then there is some basic permission which we do not give you here small -Whatever you have to give all the small permissions, only after that the application will open in your mobile phone, now when you get the airport from here, where you have to select all the photos of your mobile by clicking on it, If you want to make a slideshow in a video, as soon as you select all the photos, click on OK, then there will be an automatic video here, but the music that is there will be the default of the application, if you want to change it You can also use your custom music here, friends, I hope you all liked this post, if you like the post, then like it, share it with your friends and you can also follow us to read similar technical posts.