How to find lost mobile, stolen mobile phone location trick 2021

Friends, we all earn a lot of hard work and spend that money on our hobby as if it has one hundred km. Buying mobile phones or friends, nowadays, we buy up to 50 thousand mobile phones up to 20 thousand 25 thousand, and if we ever miss our mobile phone from a mistake or someone steals our mobile phone our mobile phone is stolen. And we feel very sad at that time. But friends, I am making this video with this sadness.

Because friends, if you watch this video completely, then anytime your mobile phone is stolen, then you cannot lose your mobile anytime, if you watch this video completely. I can speak this deeply to a person who is going to tell you such a trick in this video. In this trick, if anyone tries to steal your mobile phone, then what will be his first chance that you will know immediately who has stolen your mobile phone.

But friends, the photo of that person will reach your direct email and you can login your email id and password in any device on any mobile phone to see which is his photo, who has stolen your mobile phone and not only that Friends, as well as his location will be shared with you on email, meaning that his location will be easily known to you and you will also be able to see his location on the map where he placed your mobile phone

is. Not only this, there are so many special things in this trick that in this trick, if your mobile phone tries to remove the SIM from your mobile phone, then you will also know immediately how much time it has taken your SIM card from the mobile Has drawn After that, if you talk about the fourth number, then after stealing the mobile, many people take you to a mobile shop to unlock your mobile, as soon as they will take your mobile phone to a mobile shop and the mobile shop owner

As soon as you try to break the lock of your mobile court or update the software in your mobile, then the location of the shop that is there will reach you email. Now friends, you must be wondering if all this is possible, then yes moto hundred percent, all these things are possible. I am using this thing myself, so I thought that you should also tell all about this trick. Last year, we do not delay while going on the mobile screen and all the tricks will explain you step by step. You have to understand everything carefully.

And only then use the strip in your mobile phone. If the popular item goes on the mobile screen, friends assume that your mobile phone is placed somewhere on the table or is in charge and someone who steals or takes away your mobile phone, then pick it up. After the friend first tries to open your mobile phone in your mobile phone, then friends here he is the most

First you will try to open the password on your mobile phone and enter the wrong password here, so if it is not there, then you will enter the wrong password in your mobile phone, then now you see what is going on here.

Here I entered the wrong password which is there and the printer started alarming as soon as you got my mobile phone. Till I do not create the correct password from you, then from my mobile phone you do not think that your people will be caught. Here, if I ever entered the password from my mobile phone, I can see that my mobile phone alarm went off.

Now, as soon as this announcement is closed, you can see here that the email on my mobile phone is here. Now you can see that a photo has arrived and in this photo you can see that my photo which has been taken, can you see that all the photos are visible to you and together the address here You will also see Date and time everything is being told here as many times someone will try to use your mobile phone in the wrong way.

You will be shown everything here along with the date and time. Now friends, I come here on my second mobile phone as you can see this is my second mobile phone and I am going to explain everything to you about this application that you should study this app by downloading first time answers. If you do, how will this application work in your mobile phone and what are the features that will tell you everything inside this application.

Do you frieds first open this app and as soon as you have different openings, then you have been shown something in this way, then what to do first. Here they have to enter their mobile number and their email address has to be entered, you should immediately save us the email id of your name.

And it is to enter your phone number and or you have to enter it called Select State and at the same time you also have to select which city you are from.

Let’s fill all the things with your name, so second that you are able to see everything, change the phone number, fill in the name and create an email ID, now click on select country. If you take time to find the content here, then you have to write the name of this country at the top here, this is our India, then we will be able to see you have played Pay India here. If you click state love, you get Bihar. If I am from Bihar, I have selected Bihar. Now

So whatever your city is, you can search here. What I have done is that I told the world there, now friends, you have to click on I Am Green and Continued Rupee and then you have to click submit. As soon as you click on submit, then your friends here you can see the email ID which is incomplete, then complete the email ID. Can you see that we have put it completely on the email ID. Now on the other side, you will simply click on submit which you will submit on Facebook

Here friends, you will be logged into this application. Now some permission will be asked from you here, in this application, you have to give all the permissions to an application such as all the permissions you have to allow here. As soon as you have cleared all the permissions, you will get so many features now 200

Will understand the features comfortably, understand carefully how this feature works in your mobile phone, then the first features are Motion Detection, what will happen in the weather text that if your mobile phone is someone who gets motion like you Trying to escape the coal traveling in the train bus, your mobile phone should be planned here. If you see that with motor motion, you are able to enable motion detection here first, you can see

That enable one second is seconds here and one second of seconds is fast here. It will be enabled, so as soon as it is enabled, then take the update here. Motion detection has been enabled. Now I try to run away with my mobile phone, so here you see that it rings in my mobile phone.

Knowledge of spirituality was lost in Chandra Darshan and Lal Ambar. But when you set the same panchayat tin physical step and staff clicked it stopped. Dear friends, the first feature was the second feature after that, USB Dixon, if your mobile phone is on the charge and it happens very often that someone tries to run away from the charge, then you can enable the mobile phone. So as soon as it runs out of charge, you will start the mobile phone by making lines in your mobile phone.

If you have a query related to the SOS emergency, or if you have this query, you can do it here. After that neither inspector is selfie means that anyone trying to open your mobile phone or will enter the wrong password, then his photo will be taken as I showed you. After that, here you can see with antivirus, after that here there is electrical device information and here you can see that there is wipe data.

If someone steals your mobile phone and takes you to put a pay socket somewhere as it means after stealing our mobile phone, first of all they take it to break the lock, then there is wipe data. So as soon as he wipes the data, all the data will come to your email. After that you can see the device information and at the same time it also gets its anti virus in your PC. I want to show you my mail once upon a time.

As soon as I open your mail ID here, you can see all the information, how many photos have come, how many times what happened, you can see everything.

I see you, I have opened the mail and so from wherever it is opened today, from where you have seen the mobile, you can see the location where you can see it. Click here to location have you been shown this option. If you look carefully, you will also get the option of location here. Here you can also do very western location

That you do not have to do anything, just from here as soon as you click on the location, you will see that the location removes what you have, in other usage, you just have to click on it. I will open in front of you in the mind.