How to call someone without sim card in mobile Trick 2021

Friends, do you all know that whenever we have to call somewhere, for that we need a SIM in our mobile phone, we need a recharge in the SIM. After that we get a number so that we can call anyone from our mobile phone.

But in this video of today, I have brought such a forceful way that you can take a mobile number without a SIM. You can call on the mobile number where you want. This method is very interesting friends, I have used this method myself, only then I am making this video. And then let us tell you about this method. If you like this trick, then this stick will go to light and you will definitely share this video with all your friends, so let’s go

On the mobile screen, the second is that you can see everything here, on the screen we have our mobile phones. Now, what to do among friends, first of all you will have to download an application, whose description should be given from the given gender, you should download that application first. As soon as you download that application, friends, after that what you have to do is to take a pop singer of this application. As this application will be open in your mobile, you will get the option to start the gate under your nose by singing it

As soon as you click on the setup of your account or where it will be shown to you, then what you have to do on it is to choose one of the numbers here, like if we go to the shop to pick up a SIM, then to choose a number there. We are given a lot of SIM cards, if you want to take any number of them, then we use any number in the same way, friends here

As soon as I want to enter any number of digit, I get two numbers today. Do you also enter? After entering this entry, you have to click the Continu in it, as you click on the Continu, here you see the Place Interview Valid Area to Country either friends you also have to enter valid area code Seven WiFi PIN or Then three you four seven you will not be able to take paid number of one to three here because I put it so that you can see it here. Now I put you. Do not put it one to three and sit here

Three to one schedule has been put, now here the faculty handicapped welfare 200 or you can see that the pay is being spoken here to pay and then according to the area code, the mobile number has come here. Now you can use it in whatever country mobile phone it is. So let us choose a number or any one. As soon as you choose the PIN number here, you will get an opportunity to skip below. Its love has to click. After clicking

So here you have to click on the pickup to which you will skip the hour, there you will be asked all around, as soon as you click here on the first, it will open your Krishna fully on your mobile. Friends, this application is paid, it takes money, but for the present time, you can use this application for free for 7 days, after which they will ask for money from you.

We don’t have to do anything to you. Here you have to come to the call and here you have to dial the number of anyone whom you want to call and when you make a call to him, then believe that this number will call you. As I showed you, three to one six will call from the number that was written and the person in front will be completely shocked by your call. If you want to send a message, you can also send a message. See if an add is in progress, then you will make an option to cut the ad from here and you will get your cut option.

If you want to see your number, then you can see the number from here and can change your number as well. That was very good, someone worked very well for me, I used this application for a long time, so I thought that this fake video should be made, so download it from the entrance notification and then go to the project wherever you want. You can put the number without a friend, if you like this video, you will like the video of all your friends and share the keys.