How to check where is my train without internet Trick 2021

Friends, all of us travel somewhere by train at some time and at that time our train gets delayed at some time and we often check with our mobile phones that which station our train will take right now. But friends, whatever applications you have used so far, you will definitely need internet to check the train. Friends, in this video of today, I am going to tell you this special thing that how can you find out even in which station your train has reached even without internet.

You have not been able to do anything, just keep a small application in your mobile phone, with the help of which you can easily find out where the train has reached without internet. 200 many times it happens that there is no network on the station, internet does not run, in such a way that your work is going to be very useful, then you will watch the video completely, the whole society goes on mobile screen and everything you step by step If you explain the step, then another is that you will be able to see our mobile phone on the screen.

Now friends, I first open that application in front of you. As soon as 200 open the application, here you will first be asked your language. In the first language that you prefer, you can select English Punjabi Marathi or what you have, then you can select all the meta by clicking on it and after that it will be asked here before you where from where to work about

Is detected in Can you find out from the train number itself, you can also find out from the station, you can find out from the station code itself and also you can find out which train you are looking for from this place here. First of all, I do my internet here, I have told you posted here. Here, without internet, how can you find out about the train, in love, turned off the Internet and also switched to WiFi. Now nothing else to do or a promise station

Whom I wrote to Patna, I wrote it to you and search it. I will write Patna as soon as you said, will you see that Patna will come here. Patna Junction arrived. Now we have to ask you if I write in Delhi or you in Delhi. Can you see that New Delhi has arrived. Now your friends train for two times as if it does not fine, then you can see here. All of this, all of you. Today, they have come in front of you by train, now they can see you in two years offline.

Which train is currently where or what train you have to find out. Which train you have to go to, at what time is its timing, everything is there, you will know in this application, so let’s select the first one. Here you can see if you ask for benefits

We have to You are writing here on Sorry I Need Internet, you have to decide that you will get three options, above you have to click on the Internet.

Now you get the second cell tower and get the GPS. If your internet is not working then you can select the cell tower or GPS. If you do GPS something different, through the GPS of your mobile, you will know where the train is or it will be known by your cell tower, but you have to take care of one thing here. Even if she runs this train very often, there is no internet anywhere.

So he has given you this implication that if you are inside your diet, you cannot see outside, you cannot see the station today. It is night time, then you can easily select whether your train has reached the mercury of the track or at which station is your train. Free application is very good, I have been using such an application for quite some time, I liked it very much, so I thought that you guys would also like to tell about this application.

Friends, if you liked these applications, then you should like this video.