How to check which App use more internet data trick 2021

Friends, we all use internet in our mobiles and our mobile phones have a lot of applications such as youtube application or whatsapp or some browser where we search like this. The application happens in our mobile phone, but in this video of 200 today, I am going to show an interesting way that you can find out which application is being used most in your mobile phone.

Which things are people searching more, which things are they seeing more. For example, if you are watching more YouTube, then you will easily know who is watching YouTube more on their mobile. For this, friends, you will have to take the help of a small application, which you can easily find out if you put that application in your phone or in the phone of the person you want to know about. What does the internet spend on more, meaning which application you use to search

Meaning that you will know all the things. So let’s go to the mobile screen and tell you about the interesting application from which you can take all the information. So let’s go to the mobile screen, so second that you will be able to see my mobile phone on all the screens. Now 200 firstly I open that application. As soon as I open that application here, you show me which month is the salary.

And 2 how many MB has been used here. Friends, as you know, a porn plan of 5 GB or 2 GB is the data plan that we put in our mobile phone in which either we get 2 GB or we get one point five or one point type creature in love. What is the application we have used the most that here you can see that 934 MB means Night Thirty for MB which you have used in YouTube, that is the most we asked you here on YouTube, after that here Google Play Store

Since then used the WhatsApp used in the belief of using the Remove tab. As such, the application in which you have used the Internet the most, will be shown in itself. Friends, you can download this application here, you can download this immigration for milling the description. At the moment we find out how many we have on youtube, what are your data used. Actually, as soon as you give us a click, what is here, you can see that everything

You will be shown all the things, how many things we used, how you were used, along with your data, everything that is being shown to you. P2 is a very good application that tells you all the things. Here you are This application means which application has used your most internet data. If friends, there is such an application that you

Internet is using more data, so you can romanticize the application with internet data on it, that means if that application is not of your use and the answer is getting more internet then you can access it What happened? Will your content also be saved? Other friends like you, whoever is told about which application they are using the most in their mobile phones, who can see the browser and search taxpayers can easily find it with the help of Shri Krishna.

But the other application would have liked this video, if the yogi likes his subject and videos, then like his pocket and his body, he will surely share many videos, thank you very much for watching the video.