How to edit photo photos from mobile like computer

Friends, in this video of today I am going to tell you such a way. I am going to tell you about the best application because you can make such a photo in just one minute, that means you can edit. Yes friends, everyone is very welcome in the technical Baba, so the impact of my death is such that you can see it, it is my mobile phone. What do you say very often? If we have to edit or make a photo, then we do not understand how to make it from our mobile phone, so from that we either give it to be made somewhere.

Or make it from a computer somewhere, in this video of today, I will tell you a way that you can make this very easily through an application where you can create only one Mandane like Mast Mast Photo Computer. If you told me last time, before that I have given you essential things, so if you have not liked it by drowning in the video you are watching, then click on the Like button and do it in front of us.

If you have not stamped, then click on the suspend button to supersede Himachal and at the same time press this bell. Two friends, you guys are also making videos of value declaration in text, consider it below yourself and or comment you down. Photo 2 If you comment, you will like us. Actually mobile phones can live and they are not like that. This you who can live iPhone Talent Plus, which has already won two people from our channel.

Should you make a second prepayment after that, let me show you how to use this application of the voters of this party. After that, I used to think you are the last of the videos that you know how to download this application. Second, if you download your application and you leave your comment then you will know that mobile phones can actually live. First of all, we open this application. Like you will open some way in front of your army by clicking on the Bapu Gallery of your life. After clicking on the gallery, you have to select any photo from your phone that you want to edit.

Suppose I have to edit it, then I cropped Juhi with Kalyan Vapi. But click on the sign button here. After that you can see how this photo was edited as soon as you clicked the photo. Suppose I like this frame, I want to edit it or I want to edit it or else do you get such many frames in which you can make your photo like a computer.

You can see that right in the middle you can put your photo. In this manner and wherever you feel that this photo is correct, you can beat this photo by clicking more here. By doing this, you see the Facebook camera page profile anywhere, you can apply this photo or you can save it in the gallery too, so many options are available on its own and in many ways you can find me here Can make photo

So you will like these other applications, you will like this video. If you want to download this application, this best app.

Are you watching 200 young videos, you have to click in the description of that video. Below you will find an app link, as soon as you click on this app link, you will come across the application, then you will download this application after listening to it and comment the photo below our video. Mobile phones can also live since then So we will like other videos. You must have liked the method if you like this method of choice and like this people and your friends will also see the government as soon as possible.