How to get Driving License from Mobile at Home 2021

Friends, we all use some vehicle, whether it is a motorcycle or a car or some other vehicle. In such a situation, driving license is required to operate any vehicle in 200. As you all know, but to get a second driving license, many offices have to be traveled, many formats have to be filled and many more processes are done, but in this video of today’s friends I am going to tell you all.

So that you can easily apply for a driving license from home with the help of your mobile phone, and you will get your driving license at your home through your post right from home. So now we go on the mobile screen, first of all I turn on my mobile screen and if you are able to see our mobile phone on the mobile screen, then here I will open you a website I have been in front of you on the website you can reach by clicking from the link given below

But before that, you should watch this video completely and understand everything that you have to apply, what to keep in mind here, only after that where you will go to apply, if you come here on this website, first of all When you have to fill all these forms. You do not need to go anywhere to fill this form. You can fill all these phones from here, friends only talk with your mobile phone.

The first phone you have is 200 Form Number One which is for your application means that you are applying for a driving license, for that you will get this form here, as soon as you click on this form, you will click on this page download. So this form will be downloaded to your mobile phone in this way. Now picking the name of another here means that Jeeva, whose name is also required to get a driving license, you have to get your driving license.

Here, where you have to write your name or get it made by someone else’s name, you can write its name. After that, hearing or doctor means that if you have a son, then his name is Wi-Fi, his name is data, then you can write his name, after that here a term permanent means that your data of where you live on pay. After that, putting a temperature here is like putting it on handsets. They are putting the application of age on data and its identification mark means that you are cut somewhere.

Like if I have a rupee cut on you, or is there a target of stain somewhere in my hand, that too in my hand. After filling all these things, you apply these things to me, not only that, but also bring your phone number to onion. Now friends, you have to attach a medical certificate on it like writing a pay name here. Writing an identification mark and along with that you have to give a medical address, which means you have a blood group. Which is your blood type today or is your medical treatment internal

All the things that you have to fill in this form, after that you have to put a photograph here, as you can see on this page, passport size photograph means whether to automatically attach a passport size photograph. After that, on the phone number three, the application folder of learner’s license. As you all know friends, when you apply for your license, you get a learning license, then what is left in the learning license, you have one month left that you can learn that vehicle for one month.

Whether it is a motorcycle or a car, for that you will have to fill a separate form for 200 here for learning. But keep in mind that when you are driving a bike or any car in learning, then you should put an L sticker on that page. By the way, you will know that you are in learning right now. If there is something like this or there is talk of some way, it will protect you that it is a learner, in learning, driving a bike or driving a car.

If you do not take any action on these, then no action will be taken by the police administration. If this phone is very important, then you also have to fill this form. Here are 200 of learning, here you will see, in this learning, you have to first write the name of the authority such as the license authority, then here you can see all these things, how many gears are there in the motorcycle. Motorcycle is today how much do you have of Carry Light Motorcycle Transport Vehicle Meaning

What kind of vehicle is here, you made the details of the thing after that, then you have to make it permanent as I told you all the things that are being asked. As I told you, you have to fill whatever blood group of the cap from the blood group and you have to give all the things here carefully, one by one or you have to give it out, after that you come here, you can see here at number four The application for license strike. Which means that you need to drive any car.

You are rarely to come as if you have a separate license to drive a ready-made motorcycle. There was a separate license to drive the car. If we are driving or driving the bus, then there is a separate license for that too, friends, see you here. Do you want to get the license of which vehicle you want to attach to this phone? After that call the phone number four and as soon as you open the phone number or you will see that you are the first one as I told you that you want to take the motorcycle

Or for these, for the light motor cycle, for the transport vehicle, for the reed roller, or for which license is also made for Eric or Escort, for which you want to take it, here to fix it by ticking you here After the rest, you have to fill your details and apply the details, then do not make anything, here you have to fill only one form.

And the second number which is the phone is that you have to fill the first number phone sin created for the learner, in which you can see the application is to fill a form for less physical fitness medical certificate and third number is the learner’s license. After that, the license that you will get at home, these are 200 300 phones which you have to fill and after filling, apply here or you will be given the option to apply as soon as you apply. The option of all the officers is given to you here

So whatever option you do here and if you apply from here. You can easily make this form your license or you want to download the form from here and fill the entire forms and after that I go to my nearest office and submit it, then you can also If you can, then in this way you can easily apply what you have at home

For your driving license attached to the mobile phone, you can easily get your driving license. Second, if you liked this video, then like this video, instead of all your friends’ videos, the video is very useful to the users. Often it is very important for everyone to know this and the government always wants to see it with such technology, then thank you very much for watching the video.