How to get notification when any one online on whatsapp

Friends, in this video of today, I am going to tell you a way that whatever you want to find out, you just have to enter its mobile number here and you can find out about it.

Yes friends, once education in technical language is very welcome, then my name is Nitya as such that you can see all this is my mobile phone and here is my WhatsApp

So it happens to you very often that our friend or our girlfriend whom we talk to, we want to know about when he comes online and when he goes offline. Are you friends as soon as I am a chat actor, here you can see the last scene is not being shown. In this way, many such people were heard from whom people hide their last scene.

In the second, it is not possible to know when the light is coming and when the light is coming, when it is not applicable, but today in this video, I am going to tell you such a way. Friends whenever they come online and whenever they talk to someone, you will know all that you have to do nothing, just put their mobile number in your phone, their mobile is not even touching you. Enter their number in the phone And whenever he comes online, he will talk and you will know everything. First of all, I will tell you the method that I tell you about that application. Before that I will show myself. With the proof that you do not say that it is a throwback later it is that they are gone, so let me tell you here, I have two options here. I have saved the number of this phone in its place in the name of Pooja. Now i

The phone was looted here and now what will I do in it that I will open WhatsApp here. But as soon as I will open WhatsApp in this phone, I have put its number in it and here Ajay will show in it that it is coming online that if you are going offline, then if I open your WhatsApp here first, then What I can see you, this is my WhatsApp.

But as soon as I opened my WhatsApp in this phone and I am yours. Suppose you are using your WhatsApp, then you see that the notification has come there, now I will show you in this phone what love will give friends, the notification that came here and Pooja being written here, which I told you I have saved it in the name of Pooja, you know when Pooja has come online, I came to know that it has come online now, friend, I show you that I am here after I close WhatsApp and have adopted my hotel Now Nawaz closes in himself. As soon as I stopped in WhatsApp, immediately there will be a notification on the pay. Pooja will show herself offline Papa, you see, Pooja before you, she means that she has become offline, then in what ways will you know very easily that when they are coming online on WhatsApp and when they are going offline till date. Time will also be known. Before the last hundred I tell you about that application, let me tell you one important thing here friends

Watching Punjabi videos, do not feel light just by sinking in it, then click on the button of the button, like 202, if you exposed your weight with type 2, then you will want to come by clicking a button and subscribe and also press for 10 hours. Give After that, you have to come down on your own and you have to make a comment at the bottom, WhatsApp Second, if you also comment, then you can live a mobile phone from our face and that too you can live such a mobile phone here. Use iPhone because people from two phones and watch our channel Have lived If you are lucky then you too can win this phone, but to win the phone from it, you have to do two things, first thing is to comment the youth and second task is to download this application, which is telling you how your farmer I will tell you the last date of the video to be downloaded. Let me show you using the application first. Can you see as if it was not in your time, shopping for policing. Uday, after seeing my smell, Uday I had saved it as Pooja.And you understand the figure of the number that was so much, now friends, if you close this application, you will not have any number in front of you. Clicking on the plus sign on April 13 is how you will click plus farmers. Three options will come on Telegram WhatsApp also NCP or you have to click on the other one on WhatsApp. If you don’t pick WhatsApp here

You have to enter his number, about which you want to find out when he comes online and even when he was told offline, I had entered the number of this phone. So let’s put some other phone number here. One thing you must keep in mind before entering the number is to know your police line. If Narnaul is our country code, you do not have to put it before the number. Now let us dial you that number. Do you see the number i dialed you I sell him. If I do, then what is here with you, it will be said here, write the name of whoever you are, on whose name you can write anything, whatever your name is your name, for Priya. Your favorite actor. So you yourself have gone Priyal, I have done OK, now friends, whenever this number comes online, I will come to search for it. By using this application in this way, you can find out about someone when he came and when the lights are not available. Friends now went to download the application talking about how you can download it. Do you want to go to the description of the video that you want to watch? In the description below you will find an app link. As soon as you click on this link, you can download the application that is purchased in the store if you buy a mobile phone, then you have to do two things.

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