How to improve your android phone battery

Friends, now you can easily increase the power of your Android phone twice. Due to which you can increase your mobile phone battery backup twice. Friends, it happens very often that when our phone battery becomes outdated for a couple of years, it ends very quickly. It happens. So that’s why I have brought an application for you, due to which you can use your mobile phone again as you used to do it in the new one. So, friends, let me tell you about that application.

1. So first we have to go to the home screen of mobile and click on PLAY STORE.

2. Now PLAY STORE has been opened in front of you and now you have to type in the search engine bar DU Battery Saver – Battery Charger

3. Now that application has been opened in front of you, there is a very small MB application, there is only a 10 MB application, friends, you can download and install it and then open it. Before downloading here you can see that a total of 100 million people have downloaded this application. Friends, by watching its download, you can guess how popular this application is. And let’s talk about ratings 4.5 The rating is its friends and below we get some of its interfaces, which is also very good looking. And if we talk about the comment then there are a lot of good comments.

4. So now we have to open it and after opening it you can see that we get the option to start. Let us click on start and we have come to the home page of this application. And on the home screen, you will be asked that the problem will be asked to found and fix below. You have to click on Fix Now. And you will be able to see that the backup show you were doing has increased two.

So, friends, this was an application with which you can boost the battery in your phone and double use it. And this application DU APPS STUDIO – BATTERY & BOOSTER The company named has designed. So you install it and take advantage of it. Friends, you can share this trick with your friends and your relative too. Friends, you will find this application on PLAY STORE and you can download it from here too and if you did not understand how to download it. So the link of the video is also given below, you can understand it from there as well. For more information, comment in the comment box. Download it and encourage us that we keep bringing such good posts for you in future also.