How to Keep Safe & Secure Important Documents & ID Proof Online Trick 2021

Second, if you have an Aadhaar card, a PAN card, or any important useful document or any important useful ID proof, then you will watch this video carefully. Friends, it happens to us very often that wherever we go, we need our ID proof there and at that time that ID proof is not available to us, then what happens that either our work stops or Goes or we have to face some problems.

But friends, in this video of today, I have brought you a way in which you can easily find your ID proof anywhere in the world. Meaning that if you forgot your ID proof at home like Aadhar card PAN card driving license, then from that you can easily remove and show ID proof in your mobile phone with the help of your mobile. Not only this, friends. Also, your ID is proof why you will stay completely safe.

Whenever you go to find your ID proof, you will be asked for a PEGAL PIN here, meaning a password will be created which will be set by you. Like I show you first on my mobile that here is what I will show you in my mobile phone by opening the application and I will show it here too. How do I keep my documents from friends back in my mobile phone? Friends, as you all can see, on this screen you will see my

Must be seen on mobile. Now neither do I open that application for the first time and so the most important thing about this application is that this application has been given by the garment itself, meaning that this application has been created by the government to make it work As soon as I open, I am being asked for a pay back pin here, so I have set the pin for what I have. I put the pen that you have, after inserting two pins, here you can see which application you get all the options on here.

First of all, you get unique identification meaning that if you click here, then here you are at your station from your mobile phone or your mobile number and if your mobile number is linked to the Aadhar card, then you can easily get your Aadhaar card here Can be removed. After that, he comes here with Arora and Taylor. If you keep the driving license attached to your PIN number here, then you can remove the driving license pen, then you can see it here

That income tax department means that PAN card can also easily see your PAN card on your hand, but if another option is clicked on it above your trade license, then uploading document here means that you have to submit your document here first You can upload and keep it as I or you have uploaded it. Do you see the same message in the country For the demo i am showing you

You will click or Papa, you can see that I have kept my Aadhar card updated in this way, that means I have kept it uploaded, in the same way, see your friend, is there Aadhar card and PAN card also. Now if you want to keep your document uploaded, then you have to click on upload above, do you have to go to the file now and in whatever file in your file or in whatever folder you have your Aadhar card photo or else You can easily upload a photo of a PAN card, a photo of a driving license.

If you will upload it, after uploading, in this way you will see your Aadhar card, PAN card or any document in this way, then you can go to any corner of the world anywhere and open this application easily You can access your document by going to Pay Upload document here

So I found a very good application, I thought a very good way, so I thought that you should tell me, now neither can I tell you what things have to be done after downloading this application, such as how to put name, mobile number, everything Falls and how this application will work in your mobile. Let us tell you everything like this step by step first.

So friends, when you open this application for the first time, then this application will open in front of you in this way. Friends, what you have to do here is that you have to click on the gate here and here, you must first feel like creating.

After that you will be asked some details here, so let us all the details that you fill, such as name is done date of birth, mail or email, here your mobile number six g pin e mail id and Aadhaar number after filling all these details Let me tell you from the further process, the second is that you are able to see everything, once you have filled all the details.

Now we are clicking your dreams here. As soon as we click on all of you, then we will be considered OTP associated with us, which we have entered the mobile number and other products will come as you can see that your OTP has arrived. Now what we have to do is to put this OTP in it and submit it after putting a big fat.

Secondly here you can see that you are something in your data. Aadhaar card game means that you will be asked what is in your Aadhaar card in opening here. So let’s put our name here first, whatever our name is, after putting the ones we want to put here, like you have to choose the date of birth.

As we told you to select yourself. After that, even after selecting and selecting everything, here is what you have to do.

Click here on your face. If you beat up here, then you will be shown whether your success has been successful or not. So here you can see that we have been successful or you have joined the place. Once you are logged in, here you are going to keep any document that contains your important document.

You can easily add it here. If you add this document, then your document will be completely safe from here, such as you can make Aadhaar card or PAN card or driving license, whatever your important page and document is, you can easily You can place it here.

So friends, you saw how we put your name, mobile number, all things and signed up in the application presented here, you can also easily signup in this application and you can keep all the documents you have safe and secure and the world You can use these important documents and ID proof in any corner of the country. Friends, if you like the video, like the issue and you will definitely share the video of all your friends, thank you very much for watching the video.