How to know who viewed my whatsapp profile

Friends, we all put a profile picture on WhatsApp, but friends many times there is a question in our mind that who is watching the profile picture of our Whatsapp, how can we find this thing but let me tell you one thing. That whenever we apply the status here, we repeatedly check who has seen our status, similarly friends, we also want to find out who is putting the DP who is applying the profile picture, who is our -Who has been watching and for how long, then friends, you can now find it all very easily because I have found a truck here, because of which you can easily find out who your WhatsApp profile is. Who has been watching for so long?

Can I see who viewed my WhatsApp profile?

So friends, first of all, tell you how this trick works here and how you can find out everything you need with the help of a small application, here first thing you have to do is to take an application in your mobile. The application will tell you who is looking at your WhatsApp profile here, then friends, how to take the application in mobile, how it works, you will also have to understand everything first, then you will have to complete this post only then you You can find out about the profile picture, who is viewing your profile picture, friends, it is a very easy way, here it is the first one that tells you what is the name of this application, how to take this application in mobile and how To use.

Who visited your profile app?

So friends, to take this application in your mobile phone firstly, here you have to take help of Google Play Store, friends, how to open Google Play Store in your mobile phone and how to take this application, everything is possible. You will know if you do not know, then here I tell you, first of all there is an application of Google Play Store in your mobile phone, it has to be opened, after opening it, you see a lot of applications in the Google Play Store, then What you have to do is that you have to type the name of that application in your mobile phone, you will have to type the name of the application in the search above. If the name will be asked, you have to type here, yes friends, this is the name of the application with the help of which you can find out who is viewing your WhatsApp profile.

Who viewed my profile free app?

So friends, what you have to do is write the name of this application here and search you, friends, as soon as you search, then you will come here with a lot of applications, so what you have to do here is that on the first number You will see the application, take that application in your mobile phone, after taking the application, there is some process here, as if you do, then you will be asked for something here, then you have to give all the permission first and then here You get the email id automatic application, after that you have to enter the friend name here, you have to enter the mobile number and click on Send and TV. Now, if you click on Send OTP, then there will be a code on your mobile number. But if you want to put it like this, then your sister will also be compulsed. To select what you want to do, select WhatsApp.

How can I know who is checking my last seen on WhatsApp?

Now friends, as soon as you select WhatsApp here, you will be given 3 options in this application here, such as Visitors Visit and who has seen your profile, everything will be told to you in this application, then your WhatsApp profile Whoever you have seen, everything will be shown to you here friends, in this way you can find out very easily who has been watching your WhatsApp profile for so long and friends, the best thing is the mobile number of this application in your mobile. You can also find out about the mobile number that is not saved, through that mobile number, who is looking at your WhatsApp profile, then the other application is very fun, this trick is very fun, then you have come to Factory Korea application. All of you must have liked the post, then like it, share it with all your friends. Thank you.