How to Lock Incoming Call in Mobile Trick 2021

Friends, it often happens that whenever there is a call on your mobile phone, you will not be available there at that time and if you have a mobile phone somewhere, then either your friend will pick up the call. Or, if any member of your family picks up the call, which we absolutely do not want our mobile phone calls to be taken by anyone other than us, then in this post of friends, I am going to tell you a trick so that someone on your mobile You will not be able to pick up the incoming call, but now you are wondering how this can happen, this is a very easy way of friends so that you can put an incoming call lock in your mobile phone so that your mobile phone You will only know the password of the call that will come in you, and you can only pick up the call on your mobile phone. It is very simple and very interesting concept. Friends, watch the woman carefully and will learn well.

So friends first of all tell you what you need to do to use this pickup in your mobile phone, then friends, to use this trick, you have to first take a small application in your mobile phone, with the help of which you By designing this pattern in your mobile phone and you can lock incoming calls from your incoming mobile, Abdul is the first to tell you how the application works, friends, this is an application that has been designed in this way. In which it is neither a pin lock nor a pattern lock nor any kind of lock, it is a very simple and very interesting way to lock the clock which if you see, you will like this people very much. Friends, let’s tell you how to take this application in your mobile phone and how to use it.

So friends, to take this application in your mobile phone, you have to first open the Google Play store in your mobile phone, as you all know that what we have is whenever an application has to be removed in your mobile phone. We need Google Play Store Abdul, after opening Google Play Store, you will see a lot of applications there, so you have to search for the application that you want to take in your mobile phone. Now friends, open the search bar box you find in the top, you should open it first, as soon as you open that box, then you have to write there. Couch Gramya Friends Couch Gram is the name of this application and with it You have to search on the list, friends, as soon as you search the couch village, a lot of applications will come, but the application of the couch village will be the first number, your friends in your mobile phone, first of all take this application in your mobile phone.

Now as soon as you take this application in your mobile phone, then you have to open this application in your mobile phone, after opening it, here is some basic permission that you will have to give to this application, after that, this application First of all, you have to set a pen whichever PIN you have generated 1234 or whatever you think yes this three is right for me to set yourself Now friends will be shown that there are four areas of this calling icon, now friends, in which area you will roam twice, the icon of that calling will become one of your patterns. Friends, as soon as this couch gram application is set in your mobile, after it is set, now as soon as a call comes on your mobile phone, then you have to rotate the same bean pattern which you have applied there.

Suppose bye chance forget your pattern, then the pen you must have set is 1234 or whatever drink you have set, then the pin is set so that if you have forgotten that pattern then you are that You can join the incoming call by putting the day there, so friends, this trick which is quite interesting and in this way if you block your mobile phone calls, no one here can pick up your calls except you. Now I will be able to tell the other thing here that the other advantage of this application is that it happens quite often that a call comes on our mobile phone, then that number is visible on the screen and it is easily accessible to anyone. Looks up and makes a call on it, so in this application it is also that whenever an incoming call comes on your mobile phone, the number or name will not sleep there, you are a very good application that all of you have come. Would have liked this trick, liked the application and track, then like this post and share it with your friends, thank you