How to make name ringtone with music in android

Friends, ringtons in mobile, you will all be used and someone likes a ringtone to sing. Someone likes a ringtone named. Everyone has a different choice. Friends, in this post today, I am going to tell you a way that you Much more Would like and friends, if you make ringtones with this and if you set this ringtone in your mobile phone, then whatever this ringtone will listen to once, you are definitely asking that brother, where did you put this ringtone in your mobile So in the same way this ringtone is quite good and quite a new 2021 trick, then friends will understand this trick carefully and friends how to put this ringtone in your mobile phone, we are going to tell you everything in this post.

How do I put music as a ringtone?

Friends, to put this ringtone in your mobile phone, you must first take a ringtone application in your mobile phone with the help of which you will be able to make ringtone and easily put it in your mobile phone, then first of all tell you that What is this ringtone application and why it is so special 2021 application friends as I told you all that if you put a ringtone in your mobile phone, then someone puts a ringtone named in their mobile phone but friends here in this application The best thing is that both of you can put it at the same time, meaning that you can make a ringtone named here as well as add music to it which is much more impressive

How do you make your own ringtone?

So friends now tell you how to use this application and how to take it in your mobile phone, then the process of taking the application in your mobile phone, then you know that to take any application in your mobile phone, we have to Google Play Store has to be used, first of all you have to open Google Play Store in your mobile phone. Friends, as soon as you open Google Play Store in your mobile phone, here you will get a lot of applications as you know. That there are many applications here in Google Play Play Store, so you will be shown a lot of applications here, so what you have to do is first open the search given above. Now as soon as you go to the search bar. If you want to search that application there, then you have to write about the search there, name ringtone with music and write and search

How do you make a song your ringtone on Android?

So as soon as you search the name of this application here, a lot of applications will come in front of you, then you have to keep in mind that first of all send the top of the application, you will see the same application in your mobile phone. 200 As soon as you take that application in your mobile phone where friends get you a lot of features in this application, here I am going to tell you the name with ringtone or how you can make it here, then you should create here Name ringtone with music option has to be selected. Now you will be asked the name there, then you have to tell the name, if the call is coming on your mobile phone, what should be spoken there like my name is Bittu, I wrote there. Bittu please pickup the call so there Bittu please pick up the call will be spoken

How do I cut a song for a ringtone?

After doing this, you have to click on the option of start given below. As soon as we click on the start, we will get a little time here, after that you will be asked for some permissions from recording this application like all the applications. Let’s go here and give you all the permissions, all these permissions are very basic, here you will be asked for basic permissions like all the permissions are in applications, then all that permissions give you here after giving all the permissions of friends. This is easily the application will open in your mobile phone and where the ringtone you have created will show you here, now you can listen by playing that ringtone if you want here and if you want your You can view messages on mobile.

How do I cut and merge songs online?

After friends, if you want, you can check in your mobile gallery, whether this ringtone is saved or not, and friends, when this ringtone is saved completely in your mobile phone, you should touch this ringtone with your mobile phone. In Setting up, now a call will come on your mobile, then here you will listen to the ringtone which is direct and whoever will listen to this ringtone, now ask how you ringtone on your mobile, I hope you all like it if you If you like this post, then you will definitely like this post, you will definitely share it with all your friends and if there is any question related to this post, then I will definitely tell you by commenting and like this, New Technology related post should always follow us for reading Thank you |