How to play high quality videos on mobile

Friends, with you with us, it happens very often that a high-quality video like HD, 4k or Ultra HD type video tries to play in your mobile but sometimes what happens is that video is either The sound does not come or sometimes the video stops in our mobile. So friends, in this post, I have brought a way for you to find any high-quality video on your mobile easily. Can Yes friends, you are very welcome in the technical Baba web, friends, so let me tell you that great way.

So friends, to use this trick, you must first install a video player app on your mobile, due to which you can easily play any high-quality video on your mobile easily.


Follow the steps: –

Step 01:- So friends, to install this video player app on mobile, first of all, you have to open PlayStore on your mobile.

Step 02:- After opening the play store, you will get a search box option at the top, you have to open it.

Step 03:- After opening the search then you have to type there all the video players just type it.

Step 04:- After doing so many searches, if you try a lot of apps in front of you, then you do not have to get upset or confused at all.

Step 05:- In this post, I have put a photo of the application icon that you will easily know which app you have to install on mobile.

Step 06:- Now friends, once you know which app you have to install, install it easily.

After installing the app:-

Friends, as soon as this app is fully installed in your mobile, then you have to open this app on your mobile. After opening, you will be asked for some permissions inside this app, then you have to allow all the permissions, only then this app is completely in your mobile Maybe open. Once all the permissions are allowed, then open this app, after that no matter how high quality the video is, you can easily play it on your mobile with the help of this app.

Note:- Friends, before using this trick, keep in mind that you have read this entire post well and have understood the trick in a good way. Because if without Read this post or understand the trick, if you use this trick in your mobile, then it may be that this trick does not work in your mobile, then keep in mind that you have understood your trick well. And if you liked this trick, then please write this post and follow us for a new technology-related post. Thank you.