How to recover deleted apps from android mobile phones

Friends, it happens very often with all of us that a mobile app is accidentally deleted or uninstalled from our mobile. Any song or video app can be accidentally deleted or uninstalled.

So friends, in this post today, I will tell you some ways, due to which you can easily delete any accidental delete or uninstall apps from your mobile. Friends, I am writing this post because a lot of friends have asked me that there was a very important app in our mobile and that app was accidentally deleted, now what should we do, how to bring that app back to my mobile friends Let us tell you the way that you can bring back your deleted apps very easily.

So friends, to use this trick, you have to first put an app in your mobile, due to which you can easily bring back an app if an app is accidentally deleted in your mobile. Friends, let’s tell you how to take that app in your mobile.

Follow the steps:-

Step 01:- Friends, first of all you have to open the Play Store in your mobile. Play store is in everyone’s mobile.

Step 02:- After opening the play store you will be able to easily see a search option in the top

Step 03:- Now you have to open the search bar at the top.

Step 04:- After opening the search bar, you have to write the name of an app there, which is the name of the app recovery.

Stage 05:- After writing this, you will be able to see that app on your mobile very easily.

Step 06:- If you try a lot of apps in front of you, then you do not have to panic at all, you have to take the app that you see above on the mobile.

After taking the app in mobile, now you have to open this app in your mobile, as soon as you open this app in mobile, you will be asked for a lot of permissions, then you have to give permissions, after that you have to heat the start like Only you will heat on start, this app will start in your mobile.

Friends, once this app is started in your mobile, after that, if any of your app is deleted from your mobile, how many days old, you can easily bring it back.

About app:-

Do you often forget the names of apps that you may have uninstalled and want to reinstall them later but can’t do so because you can’t remember the name of the apps, to begin with.

Here is where App Recovery can help you restore any app that you may have uninstalled in the past.

It keeps a record of all apps you recently uninstalled. From here you can reinstall any app directly without searching for it in the Play Store.

App Recovery works on both rooted and non-rooted devices & Supports all android phones and android versions

Key Features
☞ View all the recent uninstalled Apps.
☞ Know the installed/uninstalled date of the apps which you removed from the phone.
☞ Restore apps from play store.
☞ Get Version details uninstalled apps.
☞ Small Apk size with no extra permission.