How to see gallery photos from mobile number

Friends, in this video of today, I am going to tell you a way in which you can view the photos of the gallery of anyone with just a mobile number. Yes Friends, once again you are very welcome in the technical Baha, so my man is from these animals that you can see all this is my mobile phone and before you start this video, let me give you a Baba. This friend who does not use this video only for education purpose, as you can see my mobile phone And there is an application here that I am going to tell you about today, so as soon as you open this application, if you open the number in your phone, if you open it, then you can see the pictures of the gallery of Facebook What’s on WhatsApp is not everywhere.

You can see his phone, did you save it to anyone’s number in your phone, whatever photo you got in his gallery, you can see everything that you can see before telling me about this application, I will give you an important thing By immersing him in the video you are watching here, till now you have liked it by clicking on the button of itching and like this issue. If you said virtual to Susan, but by clicking the button, we will make a sudden suicide, as well as those who send this hour that those friends keep making 100 valentine Kalyani videos every day, do not automatically come down and Comment below you Gallery |

Second, if you also comment, you can live a mobile phone from all around us, that too is not such a mobile phone. At what time can you live iPhone Seven Plus which is Pauri which is two people have won from our channel, then to win your mobile phone, you will have to do two things first minutes of work and second task you have to download this application, so think If I tell you how to use that application first, then I will tell you how to download. Second, what you have to do is that when you open FaceTime in this application, here you will only ask for your number, you have to put the mobile number, after that an OTP will come on your phone and then in this phone of that party Pitkul you Meaning you will login in an application, after that, whatever number will be in your phone, you can see everything that you can see in your phone.

If you want to see whatever you want, just save the number and all the pictures of the gallery will be shown to you, then you can use the application like this in this way. So if you liked this application, they want to download it, then here is what you have to do. Here you have to go to the description of the video you are watching. In the description below you will find an app link. As soon as you click on this app link, the application will come in front of you, you can download it but it will have to do two tasks automatically. The first task is the mantle and the second task will be to download the application from this link only then you will go there. Actually mobile phone can live first second video, you must have liked the application, you would have liked it if this video likes your liquor and the police will like me and friends will surely send their friends so thank you.