How to see in place on mobile map

Friends, There are many of us who want to see on the map where our house is, where is our village, where is our office. So friends, you can see all this very easily now, friends, in this post of today, I will tell you some such methods, due to which you can easily search any place on the map and see if you are friends I explain to you. Now you must be thinking that on the map, we can easily see any place. So in

Which is the thing to learn? So friends, I should tell you that till now you will be looking at the way in the map, but now I am going to tell you some way that you can see everything from home to road.

So let’s learn, friends, if you want to learn all this, then for that you will first have to take an app from Google Play store in your mobile, due to which you can easily see any place on the map.

Follow the steps:-

Step 01:- Friends, as you all know that we all have playstores in our mobiles.

Step 02:- First of all, you have to open the playstore on your mobile.

Step 03:- After opening the play store, you will get a search option at the top, then you have to open it.

Step 04:- After opening the search, you have to type Google Map friends, such app is already in all of our mobiles, yet if you do not get it, then you can use this method.

Step 05:- After searching, you have to take this app in your mobile.

About the app:-

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