How to send Message on WhatsApp Without Saving Number

Friends, this often happens to you that in order to message you on WhatsApp, you have to first save his number in mobile but you do not want to save his number, you just want to send him a photo or document or folder. What to save her number for that, then friends, let me tell you that this happens to us often and in this related post, I am writing to you guys, because in which post today, friends are going to tell you a way so that someone To message, you do not need to save his number on WhatsApp to your mobile phone. You can directly message what is on WhatsApp without saving his mobile number. Friends, you are wondering how this will happen. How can we all do this, a very easy way, I am going to tell you everything step by step in this post.

Friends, in order to use this method, you have to first take a small application in your mobile, with the help of which you will easily put someone’s WhatsApp number there and you can message on WhatsApp directly from what it is, it is very easy. The way is I am writing this post so that you can tell this way to people and you too can easily message anyone on WhatsApp without saving the number and we have such a problem that we have to save on WhatsApp again and again. Have to go to the contact there, after going to the contact, we have to find his name there, so that we want to chat on WhatsApp, it all gets processed very long so I am writing this post so that you can direct on WhatsApp You can message or chat with the number.

So friends, as I told you that in order to use this method you have to first take a small application in your mobile phone, for that what you have to do first is to open the Play Store in your mobile phone like That you all know that from the Play Store, we can take an application in our mobile phone, after opening the Play Store, you have to click on the above given option of search and there you will find the search bar Name will be asked there, you have to write directly, click to chat friends, this is the application with the help of which you can easily message anyone on WhatsApp without saving their number, then you have to understand this by writing this application name.

Now friends, as soon as you search this application, this application will come to the first number in your mobile, now friends come to your mobile phone as soon as you get this application, now friends, just as the application comes in your mobile If you want to open this application, then some permission will be sought by this application as it is asked in all the applications, as it is asked on WhatsApp, then all your permissions have to be given to you first of all. As soon as you do, friends, this application will open in your mobile phone completely and friends, there is nothing special here, in this application, you will get the option to enter the number directly, just enter the number there and click on the chat in the direct below, after that WhatsApp will open and the WhatsApp of the band you want to chat with will open, or the WhatsApp number with which it is registered will open the chat that is in front of you.

So friends, in this way you can easily chat with someone without saving WhatsApp number, so friends, I hope that you like this method, that many people have this problem, so I thought about this method. You should tell everyone through the post, friends, if you have liked this post, please like this post, share this post with all your friends and if you have any questions about this post, then you will definitely tell us by writing in the comment. That we have this question or it is our question, and friends, you can also follow us to read more technology related posts of this way always. Thank you