How to set Call Announcer in Mobile

friends, we always have some other calls on our mobile phones, now friends, what is here that the ringtone that we have set in our mobile phone is the same ringtone when we call our mobile phone again and again. What happens here is that if we have a mobile phone packet or if our mobile phone is kept somewhere, then I do not know whose call is received at that time until we see our mobile phone, friends. In todays post, I am going to tell you such a great way so that whenever any incoming call comes on your mobile phone, whenever you make a call, you will be told by announcing its name, whose call is coming to you, friends. I have found the track after a lot of hard work and it is a very good and very good trick. I used this pick myself. I liked it personally very hat-trick, tell you how to use this truck in your mobile phone.

How do I use Caller name talker?

Friends, to use this pickup in your mobile phone, where you will need an application, as I tell you, with the help of every application you can use up to different things, friends, this pick also has a There is an application called Call Announcer. Now how do I do other things? I told you and whenever you get an incoming call on a mobile phone, it announces the call as if you believe Priya’s call on my mobile phone. Coming, it speaks Priya this calling Abdus, so what happens that we get to know who is calling us, so friends are not required to look at the mobile phones where they are and friends are not like that if anyone’s If the call name is the announcer, then at that time your ringtone will not ring, the ringtone will also be in the background as well as your name.

What is the best call announcer for Android?

Friends, this is a very good trick and is very good, so now I will tell you how to take this application in your mobile phone, how to use it, I am going to tell you everything step by step here, first of all you should give this application To use this, you have to take a small application in your mobile phone as I told you, then friends, to take this application, you have to make your mobile phone to Google Play Store here as you all know that We need the Google Play Store here to take any application in our mobile phone, so friends, as soon as you use the Google Play Store in your mobile phone, that means if you open it here, then you will get a lot of applications here If you find friends, you want to take this application in your mobile phone, you will have to search to take it.

How do I turn on announce calls on Android?

Friends, now you have to open the search bar here, how to open Sir Jowar, I will see you Sardar above, as soon as you open it, you will be asked to write the name of the application there, you will be asked to write the name of the application. If you will write a call announcer, here you have to take a lot of call announcer applications in your mobile, friends, as soon as you take that application in your mobile phone, then first of all you have to open it. If asked, you have to give some permission here, now it is with a small permission that the basic permission sleeps, you have to give it here, after that the application will be opened in your mobile phone. Open in the mobile phone, there is not much to do here, just put an option to enable it here, you have to enable it, after enabling it, now friends, you will call your mobile phone and see the number from which you will also get the mobile phone. But the call will go here, your ringtone will also ring in the background as well as your The name of the color will also be announced, Friends, I hope you all have liked the application, a trick you all would have liked, this application has been liked by all of you, so please like this post more and more. Share, comment and tell if there is any question related to the post, and you will definitely follow to read such posts daily. Thank you.