How to Share Location on Whatsapp in one minute

Friends, there will be many of us who will not know how you can share your live location on WhatsApp with any of your friends or family members, so in today’s post, we will show you a similar method, due to which You can easily share your live location to anyone on WhatsApp easily.

Friends, it happens very often that we go to meet someone at a new place and we do not know if the place is the same, then at that time we call the call, but we do not know the exact place. Which one is it, friends, you can use the method of this Whatsapp as you have been given in WhatsApp itself And that is the way to live in WhatsApp location, friends, this feature is being given to you in WhatsApp itself, so friends now tell you how you can send your live location to WhatsApp using this method.

So friends, for this you must first have an updated version of WhatsApp, because friends, until you update your WhatsApp, then this feature will not be visible in your WhatsApp, then firstly you can update your WhatsApp as soon as You will update your whatsapp, you will try this feature in your whatsapp, now you tell me where you can find this feature in your whatsapp and how you can use this trick.

So friends, to use this trick, you have to first update WhatsApp, as we told you, after updating, you have to open WhatsApp, after opening WhatsApp, you will get an option of PIN below which you can You share the data, you have to open it on WhatsApp, after opening it, you will get the option of that one location, then you have to open it.

After that you will also get the option of share location, when you meditate on the locations, after that you have to select the location, then you will have the option of all your friends and contacts in front of you that you want to share your live location, now select it from you You have to take it and as soon as you select it, the Google map will open in your mobile, in which your current location will be, now you have to click on the share and give the share.

About the App:-

Surely you have WhatsApp installed on your smartphone  and it is even possible that you have it installed on your tablet, laptop or PC But, are you getting the most out of it?  This network of instant messaging in a few years has been the cause of a whole revolution in what form of communication is being leader in downloads in countries around the world, has become the fastest, simplest, cheapest and most effective method to communicate on a daily basis. Although it is true that in its first versions, WhatsApp did not offer too many options to the user, with its various updates it has been implementing many improvements that go from the video calls to the locator by WhatsApp , going through the double
check  or the audios. And it is that, life evolves, and with it, the technologies that try to help us to solve those concerns and needs that are posed to us on a daily basis. In this way, as we can see, WhatsApp has been growing with us, revolutionizing society with each improvement that brings us a new update. The last great news that this messaging network has brought us has been chat locator whatsapp, this allows us to know at any time and in real time which is the location of another person.  See location in real time is an option that not everyone knows as it is the latest news and is a bit hidden in WhatsApp options. Anyway,
Its use is very simple we just have to know the steps we must follow to get any location for WhatsApp. In our App location in real time we give you all the details so you can do it easily and simply. Do not miss it!  Locator by whatsapp is an option that this application has put for us to make life a little easier  In this way, we can know the real-time location of whatsapp of the other person ️, no need to send it to us. Once we have installed the location option for WhatsApp we can see it without having to re-activate any option, we simply need to know
how to install it and where to consult the exact location of the person and that is what we are going to explain in real-time location view free. This is a very useful option in trips, when we can not keep an eye on the mobile phone because we are driving, so the person waiting for us will know our real location without compromising our security. It is also an ideal option when we have stayed But, of course, having the location in real time is an ideal function when we have children , know they are well and know their location always It is something that worries parents, that is why this application can help feel some peace of mind.
It is also an option that can help us with the care of elderly, or with people who suffer from some type of problem that requires more care. We just have to share location in real time and ready. In this way, the locator option for WhatsApp is not simply an option more dedicated to our entertainment, but also fulfills a social function that can help us care for the little ones, the elderly and the sick. Locating for WhatsApp can also help us save a lot of time and money.
The locator for WhatsApp, which, as we mentioned, allows you to see the location in real time , is an option that you probably already have available in your version of WhatsApp waiting to be used If you want to learn how to use the people locator function by whatsapp  download our application follow the steps we give you to get it. It’s fast, simple and effective. What are you waiting for? Discharge!