How to use smart tool kit in your android phone

How to make your Android phone a smart tool kit, Friends! Welcome back to Technical Baba very much again, my name is Nitya, and today I will tell you how you can use your phone as a smart tool kit. It means whatever you are doing in your general life as if you are jogging, then stopwatch, calculator, then all these friends are smart tool kit that will give you One has to use often in the simple life. So, friends, I will tell you how you can make your phone a completely smart tool kit. So, friends, let me tell you how you can do this with the help of an application.

1. So first we have to go to the home screen of mobile and click on PLAY STORE.

2. Now PLAY STORE has been opened in front of you and now you have to type in SMART KIT in the search engine bar and enter it.

3. Now that application has been opened in front of you, there is very little MB application, now you download it and install it and then open it.

4. Now you can see that the application has been opened in front of you and you will see all the tool kit of your work in front of you.

5. Now I will open and show you all the tools

* Nowhere before you will see NOTEPAD, due to this you can save any of your notes in your mobile phone. And in this tool, we also get more options for reminders, which is very important.

* Now the name that we get at the second no is TRANSLATOR Yes, friends, we can use it to read any language. And here we can change the use to any other language by typing in any language. This is also a very useful tool.
* Now the name we get at the third place is DICTIONARY, now you have to use it, you know very well.
* You get us at the fourth place exercise which tells us some ways that we can stay healthy by using our daily life.

So, friends, that was the application, due to which you can use many such tools, which is very important in your daily life. So you install it and take advantage of it. Friends, you can share this trick with your friends and your relative too. Friends, you will find this application on PLAY STORE and you can download it from here too and if you do not understand how to download it. The link of the video is also given below, you can understand it from there also. And comment in the comment box for more information. Download it and encourage us that we keep bringing such good posts for you in the future also.