If you use Facebook, then this trick is very useful for you.

Hello, friends are very welcome once again to Hello Friends Good Morning Technical Baba My name is Nitya, and friends today I will teach you how you can show yourself offline even online while on FACEBOOK. Friends, it often happens that when we are online on Facebook, many people see us online and Unusual messages So friends today, we will talk on this topic that how will you see others offline on FACEBOOK online. So let’s see how this will happen.

1. So first you have to go to the mobile home screen and click on PLAY STORE.

2. Now in front of you in PLAY STORE you have to type in the search bar Facebook Lite and enter.

3. Now you download and install this application on your mobile phone.

4. Now open it and login with your account.

5. Now you can see there is a 3 line icon on the side, click on it and tap on the CHAT option.

6. Now you can see how many of your friends are online and how many offline and now you have to tap on the green-colored symbol in an upper to show yourself offline.

7. Now you can see that two options will show in front of you.

       *  Turn on chat

       *  Turn off chat

Now by clicking on CHAT OFF, you can show you the offline even while you are online.

Now you can show yourself online despite being online. So you saw how easily we can show you OFFLINE despite being ONLINE and no one will know that you are ONLINE. Friends, you can share this trick with your friends and your relative too. Friends, you will find this application on PLAY STORE and you can download it from here too, and if you did not understand how to download it, then the link to the video is also given below, you can also understand from there. | Comment in the comment box for more information.