New Sandes App Best WhatsApp Alternative Made in India 2021

Friends, as you all know, just a few days ago, who got the privacy policy update 2001 of WhatsApp, many people were worried about whether WhatsApp leaked our personal data or leaked professional chats. If we leaked videos, then we will be ruined. Friends, keeping this in mind, the Government of India has launched an application that is Fuli which is made in India and is a burden.

If you can use it with full confidence, then the name of that application is message and that is also very trending. Although that application is not visible on the Playstore right now, how to download that application, they are also going to tell you in some video, but first they will open that application and will tell you everything about that application here. So right now on here you can see our mobile phone. Now 200 first, we open that application here for you.

As soon as you use that application here, then in some way this will open your thoughts in front of you. Here the Blue show will be first asked for the permission of Pay MS, so you have to make it okay. After that, you will be asked for small permissions like microphone camera and then apply them all to you. After that you can login it in two ways. The first one is from the mobile number and the second one is the emails

So, when we first log in here with a mobile number, then to enter with the mobile number, you simply know that you have to enter such a mobile number and after entering the mobile number, click on the gate OTP. As you can see, I have also put this update in my mobile and after entering the mobile number I also got it. Now here on your mobile phone, you will have to wait a little in a while and in a short time you have come OTP on the set of OTP onion, you put the ones that we went to this OTP

Now after putting others like this OTP or on it, after putting something like this which is here, you will send the application which is in front of you. Give. After inserting the name of the channel, you are mail, what is female, what is it that you have to select, instead you will be asked to put a photo, so I will skip what it is and then we will post the photo later. Being told to show the location, I am also skipping it.

After that, if you have already made an contact on it, then it has been made of all the bad but it is not ours, then we go ahead, after that you will have to enable this application by going to the settings, here you can see it If you are only getting sleep then this application will open in your mobile completely. Now others here

You go to all the options below, such as chat group, contact settings, are you talking about the settings we are talking about, in the settings you can see notifications backup manage contact app settings help logout all your function you get a lot of meaning. This application was made in a special way and the biggest thing is that the Government of India has made this application itself, but you can download this update from the link given in the description. Friends, I found this very special for you because you also get the email address

Khan can create a group, can create new broadcasts, news contacts, all of which you can do in this application. Friends, if you liked an application, then you liked this video, then you will definitely share this video with all your friends at the place of Likes. Thank you very much for watching the video.