Some important PAN card Information and Update

Friends, now you can easily take all the information of any PAN card from any Android phone. Yes friends, once again you are very welcome in the blog section of Technical Baba. My name is Nitya and friends, what happens very often that whenever you have to get a PAN card, we have to go to the PAN card office The form has to be filled and you have to submit the use by looking at the hour line or many problems Facing goes to the post. So friends, today I have brought a mobile application for you, through which you can apply your form from your mobile-only through your Android phone, and friends, just by putting the PAN number on it, also get the information of someone. You know whose PAN card it is and where it belongs to. So friends, let me tell you about that application.

Follow these steps:-

1. So first we have to go to the home screen of mobile and click on PLAY STORE.

2. Now PLAY STORE has been opened in front of you and now you have to type in the search engine bar PAN Card search, scan and status, And enter it.

3. Now that the application has been opened in front of you, there is very little MB application, it is only a 2.7 MB application, friends, now download and install it and then open it. Before downloading, here you can see that a total of 1 million people have downloaded this application. Friends, by watching its download, you can guess how popular this application is. And let’s talk about ratings It has a rating of 4.6, and we get some interfaces below it, which is also very good looking. And if we talk about the comment then there are a lot of good comments.

4. Friends, when this application is downloaded to your phone properly and installed completely, you can open it by clicking on Open. And with the opening, this application will start working perfectly on your phone.

And on this, you will get some options.

Search by PAN: – With the help of this option, you can search any PAN. All you have to do is click on it and enter the PAN number and click on the search option.

Scan QR Code to validate PAN:- Through this option, you can scan the QR code of any PAN through your mobile camera and get all the details about it. And with this option, you can also find out about a fake PAN. All you have to do is click on this option and your camera will open itself, you point it at the QR and all the details will be opened in front of you.

Find PAN by Name:- With this option, you can find any PAN by simply renaming it. Suppose you don’t remember your PAN number, then you just click on this option and it will ask you all your details such as your name, your father’s name, and some information you need. All you have to do is give it all and click on Submit.

Know your IT Assessing Officer:- With this option, you will be able to know that your PAN has an IT Officer angle. All you have to do is click on this option and enter your PAN number and your registered mobile number.

Saved PAN cards:- With this option you can save your or your family’s PAN by saving it. All you have to do is click on this option and you can open any PAN that you have saved.

Buy search Packs:- With this option, you can buy this application and after that, you will see a lot of options.

Apply for new Card :- Friends, this is an option from where you can apply for a new PAN. All you have to do is click it and whatever required document is asked of you, you can use and pay.

Link PAN with Aadhaar:- You get this option for a lot of work, due to which you can link your PAN sitting at home with an Aadhar card.