Some important setting and tricks to save your battery life

Friends, many people have told me that my mobile battery drains very quickly. Whether we use our mobile or not, yet the battery does not last long. What should we do? So friends, today I am writing this post to overcome this problem for all of you. Yes, friends, you are very welcome in the web section of Technical Baba Nitya. Friends, have you ever wondered why your mobile battery drains so fast? Friends mobile battery The main reason for the ending is hidden in your own mobile. First of all, you have to pay attention to what is being spent on the maximum battery of your mobile.

I know that you will not know this. No problem, I tell you how the battery of our mobile is used the most. So friends, firstly if the battery of our mobile is used in more than anything, then it is our mobile application which uses the battery of our mobile the most. Now you must be thinking that if I do not use more applications then how is this? So, friends, I should tell you whether you should use your mobile apps or not, if that app is in your mobile, then it is using your mobile battery in an automatic back-end. Well, let’s not tell you what to do first.

How to stop the backhanded battery usage of mobile apps:-

Friends, you have to follow some steps to stop your mobile’s background apps from using the battery, as I am telling you, now some points I will tell you that you have to do the same in your mobile, after that you can easily do your mobile Can prevent backer battery usage.

Follow the steps:-

Step 01. Friends, first you have to open your mobile settings.

Step 02. After that you will get an option of that installed apps, if you do not get this option, you can also search in the search bar above.

Step 03. You have to click on the search bar and it has to be installed after you install this option very easily.

Step 04. Now you have to open installed apps, after that, an option of Manage Apps will come in front of you.

Step 05. There you will find all the apps that are installed on your mobile.

Step 04. Now you have to select all those things which you do not use much.

Step 06. As soon as you select that app, you will get the option of battery usage, then you have to make its battery usage, which you useless.

Friends, this is the first thing about apps that used more battery of your mobile. Now I am going to tell you another way which is even better. In that way, I will tell you that you can charge your mobile once and run it for the whole 3 days, now you are wondering how it will happen, then friends, let me tell you that in such a way I will tell you that your gold Switch your mobile on time It will turn off and then as soon as your sleep opens, your mobile will automatically turn on again. Now you will have only one question in your mind, how can this happen, friends, it can happen like this.

So let’s learn how this will happen:-

Step 01. Friends, for this you have to open the settings of your mobile-first.

Step 02. After opening the settings, you have to scroll a bit, there you will get the option of battery and performance.

Step 03. If you do not get this option on your mobile, then you can also search in the search bar above.

Step 04. Once you get this option, open it.

Step 5. You will get 3 options as soon as you open this option, then you have to select conscious power on-off.

Step 6. After selecting this option, you have to maintain your sleep time above and save your waking and setting below.

Step 7. Now the battery life of your mobile will be so good that if you charge once, the battery will last for 3 days.

Note:- Friends, I am hopeful that the information given through this post will be very good to you and you will have a lot of work. So friends, by applying this setting in your mobile keep some talk days first. Before making this setting in mobile, you should read this post thoroughly, because without reading the post, if you apply this trick in your mobile, then do not work or do not understand anything, then before doing this setting in mobile Read the post thoroughly and friends, if you like this post, then definitely share it with your friends too. Thank you