These tricks of mobile flashlight you should know

Friends, I think none of us will be the ones who will not have flashlights on the mobile. Because nowadays every mobile has a feature of the flashlight. But do you know that you can use flashlights for a very good trick Why do all of us know to use a flashlight for only one thing and that is at the time of photography or for torch you only know about mobile flashlight but I know a trick whereby you can use your mobile flashlight to hide your mobile photos, videos or any data Now you must be thinking that after listening to me that how can this happen, then you can be friends And in this post, I am going to tell you this trick Yes, friends, you are very welcome in the blog section of Technical Baba Nitya, so let’s understand this trick ahead how to do all this.

So friends, let’s learn how to apply this flashlight trick in your mobile

So friends, before applying this trick on your mobile, you have to keep some things in mind. When you install this app on your mobile, then it will be easy for you to hide your mobile data, but you have to install the app exactly because what happens so often that we download an incorrect app Let’s track our mobile data, so let me tell you how to get the right app how to install.

Follow the steps: –

Step 01. So friends, to install the correct app, first of all, you have to adopt PlayStore in mobile.

Step 02. After opening, there is a search bar option at the top, open it and search torch vault

Step 03. After searching so much, if you try a lot of apps in front of you, you don’t have to worry at all. Do not confuse.

Step 04. You will know which app I have to install or it is too much.

Step 05. So that’s why I put a photo of that app icon in this post so that you can easily know which is the right app.

Step 06. Once you understand, then easily install this app on mobile.

After installing the app: –

Step 01. Once this app is installed on your mobile properly when you open this app, you will find only one torch button there

Step 02. So you do not have to confuse, but you will get a torch icon at the top and keep it pressed for a while.

Step 03. After pressing for a while, you will be asked for a password there, so you have to set a password according to your own.

Step 04. After setting the password, if you are asked for some permission in this app, then you have to allow all.

Step 05. Now you will get the option of the photo, video, and data there, you can hide whatever you want there.

Note:- Friends, before installing this app, read this post thoroughly, because I have explained everything to you in this post. I have explained everything to you about how to install this app and how to set it. So please read this post without reading it, there will be no benefit, why maybe if you do not understand something, then I beg you to read this post and if you like this post then follow Must do.

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