United Bank Merge with Punjab Nation Bank, IFAC Code Changed, Bank balance check 2021

Friends, if your bank account is in State Bank of India, it is in Punjab National Bank or in United Bank of India, then keep watching this video carefully. If you dare, as you now know that the United Bank of India and Punjab National Bank are getting along with the merger purposelessly, then we are not able to check our bank account from our mobile. Nor are we able to process anything. They are able to send money somewhere and at the same time it is also known that their IFAC codes are also being changed.

Friends, my own bank account which is in United Bank of India and I was upset for almost a month and all yesterday I got all this information, so I thought that I should share all this information with you through this video. Friends, when this process started, first of all, where I was not checking my bank account balance from my mobile as you all know that there is application of passbook or any one bank.

Like United Bank had an internet banking application of Bank of India, with the help of which I was able to check my bank account from my mobile, was able to send money or receive it. But since this process was done I came to know that United Bank which is getting liquor attached with Punjab National Bank and even many rumors have arisen as if the missing person is worried, then I thought how my money will come now. If there is no IFC code then my account

I was very worried about how any money will come in my account, so yesterday I went to the bank and I spoke to the bank manager, then he said that the IFC code change definitely affected but IFC code which is your old one. You will also do your work and if that account gets money in your account from that IFC code, then this thing got cleared completely. Now, two to the second thing comes, how can I send money through that application of United Bank using that application now or if I need money

How can I do that in my mobile phone, then they told me that the young educated youth application of the United Bank of India is closed, so what you have to do now is to take a new application in your mobile and with the help of it You can check your bank account balance and send money anywhere, so let’s tell you which application is that so that you can check the account balance of both United Bank of India and Punjab National Bank if you Both of you have an account

So with the help of this you can also check your account balance. You can send money to anyone, you can receive bills, pay to all those who can send such messages to the sender, so let’s quickly give you all information about this operation on the mobile screen and the other is that you can send my mobile phone or They will be able to see on screen. First of all, I want to make that application

I open in front. This is an application with the help of which you have an account balance of your Punjab National Bank or whatever information you need, you can take this application from your mother. Also, if your account is in United Bank of India or Union Bank of India, then you can also get information about it from a PC application so that when I went to the bank, where I got this application from the bank manager Now told what to do, how to use this application, watch these things carefully

Only then you can check your account balance in this application, send money, take it or do shopping.

You can pay the bill, which you get in this one application, then you have to do this, firstly in this application you have the option of Shining and User ID from your manager. Now you are thinking that we do not have user ID. Then from where you put your user ID, you have to tell us the exact reason for the panic. What do you do that you can see. Three options are in front of you.New user and introvert towel in Shiney means if you have trouble in the side then you can choose it

It has become clear to say that the new user has to click the pickup, because the first time you download this operation, the store is the one that is available to you, from here you will see the new user right in the link description of the relationship, you can download it from there. Now as soon as you click on the two combinations, you will be spoken here.

You may have to pay more money on some notes here, after that, after clicking so many rupees, here you have been told to stop step by step, what things you have to do.

If you click in Katni, here you will be told first which services you want. Want Mobile Banking Service or want Mobile Internet Banking Service or do they want Cash. If you go to both the things in your mobile app Dad Banking, then I select these two. You can see that you can fix it and enter your account number. It is being said that please put your account number here, so as soon as you enter your account number, your registered mobile number will be an OTP.

You have to give the son to that OTP, after that you can easily sign that he also has a user ID on your mobile. This is the same user ID that you have to enter here, as I told you in the post, you will put the same user ID on here and your password will also be sent to your mobile, after that you will bear it when you sign, then you will have some ways It will be shown as if you want to save from your bank account balance, if you have a current bank account.

So they can check the over draft, can check the deposit or the bank gave you the option of transfer. UPI says do these passwords recharge your bills, all of the services you get in one application If it goes, then I have installed the application and completed all the processes. Download this update in your description and easily by giving it to your personal user and giving account number etc. and this update

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