Very Important Phone Setting Protect From Virus ?

Friends, today I am going to tell you a setting that will not enter any type of virus in your phone, yes friends, once again you are very welcome in the blog section of Technical Baba. My name is Nitya and my friends. Whenever you use your phone, there are many types of viruses that are entered into your phone through the Internet. So, friends, you install some application on your phone and you feel that the virus is not coming in your phone. But friends, this is your only hope that any application will stop the virus from coming into your phone and will protect my phone from viruses. Friends, I am not saying that all the applications are fake, but I am doing that more applications Are thrown. It is just an illusion that if I keep any application in my phone, then viruses will not come to my phone. That’s why today, I am going to tell you a mobile setting so that any virus of any kind will not even touch your mobile and This is a feature given by Google, which Syed people will not know. So, friends, let me tell you about that setting.

Follow these steps:-

1. So first we have to go to the home screen of mobile and click on PLAY STORE. Friends, you do not have to download any application from this, but rather have a setting on Google.

2. Now that the play store has been opened in front of you, you have three lines next to the search engine, you just have to click on it and go down, where you will get the option of PLAY PROTECT. Yes, friends, you have to click on the option of PLAY PROTECT, that is the option.

3. And after the PLAY PROTECT opens, it will take you to another page where you get two options.
* Scan Device for security threats.
* Improve harmful app detection.
You have to enable Simple Scan Device for Security threats and as soon as it is enabled you will see that you will get a notification which will tell the status of your mobile which should be written in No Harmful apps found.

4. Now you have to make another very important setting here which is to Improve harmful app detection and you should also enable it on your phone.

5. Friends, if both these settings are enabled in your mobile, then, believe me, your mobile will not be able to touch any virus in any way.

Friends, this setting is very simple and very favorable and I would definitely like to try it once and protect your phone, friends, this setting has been given by Google, so you can also trust it. And if you like this post, then please share this post as much as possible and follow our website and yes, please subscribe to our YouTube channel named Technical Baba. One of your writing will give us more encouragement that we will keep posting new posts for you like this every day. Keep bringing you related to Technology |