Best Way to Protect Your Phones From Virus | Best Protection Trick

Friends, no virus can touch your mobile now yes friends, once again all of you are very welcome in the blog section of Technical Baba. There are some other mobiles or computers or SD-cards installed on your mobile, so many types of infected viruses and malware are entered into your mobile phone and harm your mobile. So looking at all these problems, today I want to give you a

I have brought a mobile application, due to which you can proactively use your mobile. Friends, such a mobile, so friends, let me tell you about that application.

Follow these steps: –

1. So first we have to go to the home screen of mobile and click on PLAY STORE.

2. Now PLAY STORE has been opened in front of you and now you have to type Virus Cleaner (Hi Security) – Antivirus, Booster in the search engine bar and enter it.

3. Now that application has been opened in front of you, there is a very small MB application, there is only a 15.0 MB application, friends, you should download it and install it and then open it. download.

Before doing this, you can see that a total of 50 million people have downloaded this application. Friends, by watching its download, you can guess how popular this application is. Talking more, we have a rating of 4.8, its friends, and below we get some interfaces, which is also very good looking. And if we talk about the comment then there are a lot of good comments. And this application is completely made in India. And is a product of Made in India.

4. Friends, when this application is downloaded to your phone properly and installed completely, you can open it by clicking on Open. After opening, you get the option to start on it. We have to start by clicking on Start.

5. Now first of all you will be highlighted here the option of SCAN. And you can scan your mobile thoroughly by clicking on SCAN. If you have an infected SCAN If there is a file, it will detect it and delete it. And you will get the report.

6. Even after scanning, if there are any issues with your phone, then it will be visible on your mobile screen. You have to fix the entire issue by clicking on Fix all.

7. And with this, you get many more new features like this application, you can clean your RAM from here as well and you can also protect any application of your phone from here with a password. Can