Whats App New Settings, Updates & Trick 2021

Friends, WhatsApp, we all use in our mobile phones, but in Friends WhatsApp, you are the general who you chat with, send photos or videos or make more and more video calls, but there are some such hidden secret features in Friends WhatsApp. There are tricks which you might not know, so in today’s video, you have come to tell me that there are some tricks in WhatsApp that if you learn that text then you will be very useful.

Friends, even today, we first give our mobile phones a drink on the screen here. Right now you will be able to see our mobile phone on the pay screen here in a short time. Now for the second time, I open my WhatsApp here first. Just here, I can see my WhatsApp like your Karmabir in some way, you will see my WhatsApp. Etc. So, first of all here, I should click OK on the clay dot above me or go to the settings in you. After visiting every setting, you get a lot of settings here.

The setting of such an account, the setting of chat, the setting of notifications, or the setting of storage data, and many more go into your settings, then you have to go to your chat settings. If you go to other chat settings, then some of the old ones lasted here and some here you have new features such as you have a theme which is light or dark, you can keep it according to yourself, if you darken it then your theme which is in this way It will be dark if you light up

Everyone seems to know that after that, they talk about your moment, so by changing the pool on the phone here, like for which chat, who do you want to put on the question, do they get you a lot of wallpapers who You may think that you may know this too, but I am also telling this because some people will not know this too, if they also know this, then after talking to them, we will talk about the trick of the main trick I want to tell you. I am you that you will come to main tech.

So here we wrote one thing, what is the meaning of Inter Innocent, what is the meaning of Inter is Send, then some people do not know what is the meaning of Interface Send and this is more in their mobile phone then if you turn it on then I am going to tell you its magic feature here, but here when you are chatting with someone who comes back or are you writing any of your messages like hi written now others write hi. Here you get an option at the bottom which you stopped by clicking on it in the top corner and you get this message.

Friends, if I turn this setting off. Here you clicked in the chat in a setting and after that, if I turn this setting off, then you will see that it will be liked or removed. Now I am writing my hello, so after writing hello, I am not coming here or the option below, if Vice is clicking something

If the inter is going to be inter this way, then this trick means that if you enable it, then you can send it directly by clicking here or else you will have to click here to write it. This house will send him his special trick development. Some people may not know this trick here. Some people will also know that others talk about another setting. Media Visibility. Do you mean 200 score blue download media indoor phone.

So many photo videos which come in the group and are automatically saved in our mobile phones are automatically downloaded without downloading, then go to our gallery, then if you turn this setting off in your gallery These photos will not go automatically will not be saved, these 200 different types of photos come. If we want to see something we do not want to see, then you turn it off, then your photo video is not automatic

His hundred font size was found here, now small medium can be kept which can be kept, so this was the three trick which I wanted to tell you all, then comment and tell which trick you knew and which trick. Did not know and if you like this video, then you will like the video to jewelry all your friends disputed video Mr. Thank you very much for watching the video.