WhatsApp automatic schedule messages sending trick 2021

Friends, there is something in the life of all of us that we wake up first thing in the morning, whether it is good morning or old or all other messages, but friends, what happens in this affair that we have to sleep in the morning In order to make someone special feel bad, in this video of 200 today, I will tell you a trick so that no matter what you do, stay asleep.

Your WhatsApp is automatic to your friend or your girlfriend or whatever you send to Good Morning or whatever message in the morning and the automatic message will go to it is very interesting tech. Friends and will see the video completely Only after that, how to download this application instead of downloading this application, I will tell you the video glasses.

Let’s go mobile first and let me explain all the settings to you, then friends, you will be able to see my mobile phone on the screen right now. The day before here, we would first open that application and let you explain all the settings. In this application you need to understand the settings, only then the application will work well in your mobile phone. How to download this application.

I will tell you the video Kailasho. In love, his diet will return to Diet. The Lazy Opinion controversy opens up in front of you in this way. Its effect will take the action of Allau at the bottom, then you click on the spread bonfire with one click, Friends, here on the fourth number 1223 your friend wrote

You have to click it like you click on it, so here you have to enable this application, as soon as you enable it or you will run your option, then after that you will get the opportunity of fitness at the bottom and finish it. . Now the second or grinding opened up completely in your mobile phone. Now friends, how can you keep a schedule message to someone here, I teach you here, now you have to click on the plus icon below which you will click on the plus icon.

Here you have an abcess of a schedule message, on a third number, in this schedule message, you have to set the timings from which time you want to send a message to 5 o’clock in the morning, if you want to send someone a good morning, then this application With the help you can send with the help of the send stick.

Now everything is going to click on your OK, now you are being asked the number of who you want to send, to whom you want to send it to Pune Priya. Here, let’s write Priya and select Priya by writing Priya. Now 200 Priya has done something different, we have now done a new message of Priya that if you want to send the message, then before that time you set that time, you can now see that the schedule message’s timing is January 30 2001 that you have shown the current tannin. Friends, you have time for tomorrow morning or whenever you send

If you want to set your timings for that time, then there is nothing to do to set your thinking and timing, just click on it and do your friends here, how do we want to send tomorrow from the timings or a selection in front of you Took welfare. Now friends, if we want to select bus timings here at what time it is sent, then we want to send it at 5 am.

They have selected your 205 that we have, now select it and click on OK. Now others will be able to send more photos with it here as well and you want to send a photo of good morning or anything they can do by sending you or you have to select WhatsApp. Secondly, you have to see that WhatsApp should be your selective, after that, now that you can sit down here on the calculating good morning here, you can see that I have written a good morning and you want to write something, you can make it

Can you write more with this? Do you write with Good Morning Dear Good Morning Dear, do you write so much to set the place. Now friends, this message has been scheduled for you, now as soon as it is in the morning of 5 o’clock on the second day, then this message will automatically go on its WhatsApp is very good and very good application and open me very well, so I thought You guys tell me. Friends, try this trick, the link to the location is given in the description, from there you can download the office application money

And by setting the source, you can very easily message anyone in the morning and make them special feel for yourself. How did you like the video mentioned in the 500 comments and liked the video, then like the video, share it to all your friends and yes thank you very much for watching the crowd to watch the new video with the same technology instead of the of the channel.